Character Poll – Final Results and Comments

Greetings everyone!

Today marks the end of our first ever community created character initiative and… I mean… It’s been interesting! Over the last few weeks hundreds of votes have been factored resulting in the following character:

Mako, your uncle’s daughter on your mother’s side, will be visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday. She takes strongly after her mother, inheriting her Japanese features such as hair color and eye color, though still turning out a bit on the curvier side. Growing up, you didn’t know her as “her” at all, so seeing the results of her transition is a bit shocking, if not welcome. Mako has always been sweet, quiet, and reserved, though under the right circumstances there’s an intensely sexual beast waiting to be unleashed!

Her live model actress will be Anri Okita and her artwork will be revealed at a later time.

The Thanksgiving event will occur during the first half of Chapter 4, releasing with update 7.0 later this year. The event will take place over a few days, and offer a variety of ways to interact with Mako. Whether or not she’ll return at some point after that event remains to be seen, but she’ll definitely be a lot of fun while she’s around!

I want to thank everyone for your involvement in this event. It was definitely a little messy at times, and there’s lots of room for improvement, but I absolutely want to keep community-driven content polls going for the future.

As for what that future holds, check back tomorrow for this week’s devblog!

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