Community Update – Image Pack Voting Ends

Greetings everyone!

The first ever image pack voting event has wrapped up in Discord and I’m happy to say we had a lot of fun! Not only did we get to flood one of our channels with some wonderful photographs, we also sparked a number of interesting discussions concerning the image packs themselves.

Voting’s Over – What Now?

So what actually happens now that voting has ended. Well, at this point I’ll begin compiling the winning images and packaging them into a new Community Voted Penny Image Pack. This pack will include the current set of images for Penny with all the community vote winners replacing any applicable images.

In addition, I’ll be compiling ALL valid submissions into a Community Created Penny Image Pack, which will utilize the random image selection functionality of the new image pack system.

Finally, at the behest of the voting discussion channel, I’m going to try my damnedest to supply a separate “Blonde Penny” and “Redhead Penny” image pack. With all the submissions, this shouldn’t be too hard!

What About The Existing Images?

Simple – no change.

The existing Base Image Pack will not be implementing any community submissions at this time. Rather, all supplemental image packs will be just that: supplemental. When you download the base image pack, you can simply keep what’s there, or load in a different image pack instead.

This definitely won’t be the last community driven image pack event, so if you missed out on voting for Penny’s new images just stick around and wait for the next character! Next time, we’ll be giving a little more notice as to when the event will begin, and what the submission windows and guidelines will be.

Lastly, check in this Thursday for an in-depth look at how the new image packs will work, and how to use and create them!

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