The Company – Update 6.1.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 6.1.2

Update 6.1.2 is largely a back end infrastructure update aimed at updating existing systems and putting in placeholder code for future systems, like the comment engine. As such, no additional content has actually been added in this update. Actual content creation will continue starting immediately after the release of this update.

System Updates

  • Added placeholder notes for gradual roll out of comments engine
    • You’ll see a lot of “Person notices your something” lines in the game now
    • As comment databases are added to the game, these lines will be replaced with actual dialogue without the need for updating the content again
  • Added tracking for interactions between characters
    • Like, “Number of times you and Tasha held hands” for a not an actual example
  • Complete overhaul to image handling functions in preparation for image pack and artwork implementation


  • Chastity devices will now only fall off between transformations if you no longer have a penis
  • Strapons and vaginal toys will now only fall off between transformations if you no longer have a vagina
  • Updated all relationship references to Ava and Dakota to allow for easy customization in the future
  • Updated character creation to allow for testing of the above change
  • Updated Debug Menu to view and change NPC Corruption and Relationship
  • Updated Debug Menu to view and change MC Money and Serum Quantity
  • Some dialogue updates when the person who put you in chastity sees you in chastity
  • Added embedded social media and resource links to sidebar
  • Added embedded title banner image
  • Updated issue report button to pre-load several values
  • Added cheats list to Readme file in local download


  • Fixed location information for Penny after Chapter 3
  • Fixed outfit comment error when player was dressed Formally
  • Fixed AddConvo macro error on Sean reveal scene
  • Fixed birth control dialogue from Julia never updating after first encounter
  • Fixed office sex scene with Penny not unlocking after having sex with her at her apartment
  • Fixed several minor spelling/dialogue issues caught during 6.1.2 development

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