The Company – Update 6.1.2 – Public Release

Update 6.1.2 has been officially released to the public!

Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 6.1.2 release notes


Play Online

Download – The Company 6.1.2

The below image packs are the exact same as those found in the Update 6.1 posts and are not needed if you’ve already downloaded them!

Download – Image Pack Base v12
Download – Image Pack Update v12

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 6.1.2 – Public Release

  1. Version: 6.1202
    Browser: Chrome
    Location: Home – Living Room

    Just changed clothes, Sheer Top, Mini Skirt, Fishnets, Heels.

    Just went to Mom to give dose (first)

    Character: Trans Sissy ( Happens with otherrs as well)

    Whoops, we have a problem! Here’s the error!

    Error Message:
    SPEAKER: Mom
    TOPIC: outfit
    MOOD: nice
    TENSE: wasFormal
    DTYPE: All
    GTYPE: Sissy

    Occurred in LivingRoom-Mom-Chat

    • Thanks, you’ve actually helped bring some new info on this issue to light. I should have it nailed down in the next version. Thanks again!

      • In the future though, please leave issues pertaining to development builds on the development build post rather than public posts. Thanks!

  2. Hello, I already bought the weird strapen or whatever you spell it, It says that I can use on dekota. But I can’t seems to find an option to use it anywhere. Help?

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