The Company – Backer Update 6.1.210 – Release Notes

The Company – Backer Update 6.1.210

This is a Backer-Exclusive build, as it is feature-incomplete. As such, there won’t be an offline version available until the complete Update 6.1.3 releases first for Backers, then everyone else at a later time.

Content Updates

  • Complete overhaul to Penny’s Lab Sex scene
    • Scene is now fully interactive, using new Scene Repository system
    • New actions available depending on current state of both Penny and Player
    • If Penny is Obedient she can remove the player’s chastity device here
    • Sissy Reversal Serum now only available if Penny is Obedient. Now has a straight 75% chance of success, and a 25% chance of triggering a random outcome
  • Penny’s Apartment Living Room scene now uses the new Scene Repository system
  • Much of Penny’s story event dialogue will update based on serums used
  • Many story events have had player dialogue options added to them

System Updates

  • Character preferences have been added to the game
    • Characters now have preferences for different actions, ranging from Hating something to Loving it
    • Preferences have an impact on how scenes play out, and what options are available to the player
    • Currently, preferences are a hidden value, and are only reflected in Penny’s revised scenes
  • Support for Character Traits has been added to the game
    • Traits are passive abilities that can alter actions throughout the game
    • These will be primarily used in Interactive Scenes
    • Traits are not yet implemented in the game
  • New Scene Repository System
    • Each character, starting with Penny, is having their repeatable content consolidated to a Scene Repository
    • Actions from the Repository can be called when needed, as either a one-off action, or a complete Interactive Event
    • New Interactive Events now use the Scene Repository
    • This allows them to be generated on the fly, and much more quickly than the old Interactive Events
    • If a scene allows for selecting more than one action, it is an Interactive Event
  • New Interactive Event System
    • Taking actions in Interactive Events no longer uses Stamina
    • Instead, these events have a set number of turns, ending when no turns remain
    • Both the player and their partner have an Arousal gauge, fill (or depleting) after every action
    • The ending received is based on whose Arousal gauges were filled by the end of the event
    • This system is currently only applied to Penny’s revised Lab Sex scene
    • Ava, Dakota, Diana, and Penny’s Bedroom events are still using the old system
  • All of Penny’s image calls in game have been replaced with the new image handler
  • Meaning… Image Pack support for Penny is in place and ready to go!
  • Various performance optimizations have been put into place where convenient
  • Various UI elements are in the process of being updated


  • Logic error in bathroom with John resolved
  • Outfit comment errors should now be resolved
  • Various spelling/grammar/syntax corrections made

Still Missing

  • Backer Update 6.1.210 is not the final Update 6.1.3 release! Some features have yet to be implemented, including:
    • Penny’s new image packs
    • Conversion of Penny’s Bedroom scene over to new Interactive Event system
    • Content review of Penny’s Date and Day Trip scenes
    • Content review of Penny’s Random Events
    • Add remaining first-pass player dialogue options to story events
    • Update Character Creation to allow for Preference options
    • Implement Trait acquisition and tracking
    • Re-balance arousal formulas as needed
    • Some splines still require reticulation

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