Feedback Survey – John

Greetings everyone!

John content is on the horizon, but before I really start digging in, I wanted to give everyone a chance to offer their feedback and John’s existing content, as well express what they’re most looking forward to in the coming update.

As usual, this feedback survey contains only multiple choice and value-based questions. If you want to voice your opinions on this or any other aspect of The Company, I encourage everyone to head on over to the Official Discord and join in on the discussion!

This survey is focused on John/Chanel’s content, so it won’t interest those who have no interest in the character(s), though all are welcome to complete it. On that note, this survey will contain spoilers pertaining to content already in the game, so keep that in mind.


All feedback is reviewed and considered, and so all feedback is helpful! Remember, this isn’t a poll so you’re not actually voting on anything. That will come later!

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