Dev Blog #78 – Update 6.2 Roadmap!

Greetings everyone!

It’s… so hot… I mean, it’s not like, “Phoenix Hot”, but… I don’t handle the heat very well to begin with, and I happen to live in a city that just doesn’t believe in air conditioning… I just… Ugh… Wake me up in November…

Let’s… Let’s just talk about John…

Introducing the Update 6.2 Development Cycle!

So I’ve done a fair bit of talking up the Update 6.2 development cycle over the last few posts, but up until today we haven’t really talked about what that actually means.

For starters, when I say “Development Cycle”, I’m referring to a series of updates that make up a singular update set. In this case, the Update 6.2 development cycle will include Update 6.2.0, 6.2.1, 6.2.2, etc. By breaking these larger updates up in this manner, I’m able to deliver content at a faster, more consistent pace than in the past. Today, I want to go over what you can expect as we move forward with the 6.2 updates, starting with Update 6.2.0.

Update 6.2.0 Highlights:

  • Conversion of John’s “Bathroom Oral” scene to an interactive event
  • Restructuring of John’s existing events
    • Cleaning up bad and/or outdated code and logic
    • Adding preference mods and action tracking where applicable
    • Updating any writing and dialogue that doesn’t match current standards
    • Added player dialogue branches where appropriate
    • Updating UI where applicable
  • Restructuring of Serum Events to establish new routes
    • Dom John Route
    • Mental Transformation Route
    • Physical Transformation Route
    • Shifting existing serum content to fall inline with these routes
  • Build John’s content block structure to account for “Bathroom Oral” scene

As you can see, Update 6.2.0 is a fairly lightweight update that focuses on laying the groundwork for the more sizable content updates to follow. Each of those said updates will be focusing on one of John’s new serum paths, which is what we’ll talk about right… now!

Dominance Over Mind and Body

Update 6.2 will establish three defined routes for John in the form of his Dominance (No Serum) Route, his Mental Transformation Route, and his Physical Transformation route. Those who prefer their John to be a bit more on the Chanel side will already be familiar with part of the Physical Transformation path, however, with the addition of branching serum routes there’s plenty of new stuff to talk about as well!

While I want to keep the content itself a bit of a surprise, today I’ll be sharing the nature of the content you’ll find in each route!

Dominance Route – 6.2.???

  • The start of this route will largely remain unchanged from its current version, wherein a botched dose attempt will result in the player accidentally ingesting some MCS-1 and falling victim to John
  • From there, John will move on to take control of Penny, as he currently does
  • New content at this juncture will include more NTR and humiliation scenes with Penny!
  • As the route progresses, John will move on to Tasha who will aide in conditioning you for your new Master
  • Finally, Diana will take you even further down the rabbit hole while also unlocking John’s complete Interactive Scene at his apartment

Mental Transformation Route – 6.2.???

  • The first brand new route will start you off by simply smoothing out some of the rougher edges of John’s personality
  • From there you’ll be given your first path split:
    • Either continue down John’s road to rehabilitation, unlocking various social and romance options
    • Or, turn the tables completely and mold him into a submissive beta male!
    • Both paths will unlock full Interactive Scenes for John, though each will occur at a different location
  • This path will be of particular interest to those either looking for a male romance option, or who want to see John get a bit of payback without ruining him completely

Physical Transformation Route – 6.2.???

  • This route will begin by making a few preparations with Penny, knowing you’ll need plenty of TFM-1 for what all you have planned
  • After John’s all prepped and ready, you’ll be given your first path split:
    • Your first choice will be familiar to most, as it’s effective the same Chanel transformation route that exists now. What’s new is the additional content that will come with that, including a full Interactive Scene with Chanel, as well as social and romance options
    • Alternative, you can choose to take full advantage of your new lab rat, reconditioning his body some potentially unwelcome ways. Those familiar with Wandrer’s written works involving The Company should take note of this path
    • Both of these paths, as well as John’s Mental Transformation paths, will each split off into two additional paths once MCS-3 events are introduced later in development!
  • Going the Chanel route is mostly a lighthearted affair with lots of fun interactions and some neat plans for the MCS-3 split. The reconditioning route, on the other hand, is anything but lighthearted, and should appeal to those who really… REALLY have it out for John!

All of that together will make up the entirety of the Update 6.2 Development Cycle! Neat, huh?

Yeah! But I Have a Question…

Hm? Oh, you’re probably talking about those version numbers, right? 6.2.???…? So that brings me to the next item for the day!

Update 6.2.0 will be the aforementioned existing content update, as it needs to be in place before the rest of the updates. I see that one being fairly quick, as the only real time-intensive addition will be establishing John’s content blocks and building the ones needed for the “Bathroom Oral” scene. I would ballpark this one at 2-3 weeks after development begins.

So which serum route update comes next after that? Well, that decision will be left entirely in your capable hands!

Next week, a poll will go live here on Patreon where you’ll be able to vote on the development and release order for John’s serum routes! Everyone will be allowed one vote, with backers receiving a bonus public vote as well as tier modifications, and the release order will be based on total votes from highest to lowest. The polls will go up on Thursday, August 22nd with the results being announced on Tuesday, August 27th.

Of course, that’s not all that’s happening this month! Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect over the next few weeks…

  • August 15th – Today’s devblog!
  • August 20th – New artwork preview for Marketing Associate backers
  • August 22nd – Polls for John’s content order go live
  • August 26th – Polls for John’s content order close
  • August 27th – Poll results revealed
  • August 29th – Update 6.1.3 Backer Release
  • September 5th – I grow one year closer to becoming a cloud of dust… and also Update 6.1.3 Public Release!
  • September 26th – Tentative release date for Update 6.2.0

And that brings us to a close for this week! Update 6.1.3 release is coming up soon and we’re not taking any breaks between then and John.

As always, thank you for your continued feedback and support, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this poll turns out!

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