The Company – Update 6.1.3 – Public Release

Public Update 6.1.3 has been officially released!

Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 6.1.3 release notes, including fixes from Backer Build


Play Online

Download – The Company – Public Update 6.1.3

Download – Image Pack Base v13 – (Download if you’re starting fresh)
Download – Image Pack Update v13 – (Download if you’re coming from recent version)

For additional image pack downloads, as well as information regarding image pack support, see HERE.

3 Comments on “The Company – Update 6.1.3 – Public Release

  1. hi
    i’M a blind playerand i have experiencing some issues here
    1, i cant open the u i bar for some reason
    b, our screen readers keep crashing for some reason
    it never used to happen before, maybe because of this new u i change but
    can you abel to make it so we can still use the old ver?
    also the readers crashing with chrome tryed with firefox it worked
    but though still cant activate the ui bar for saving, going back and forth

    • Incidentally, I’m also blind at 20/270, though I opt for embarrassingly thick and heavy reading glasses and lower resolutions over screen readers.

      Unfortunately, I can’t really offer any assistance here. I haven’t made any changes in regards to how the sidebar works, and I don’t have any experience with how the engine interacts with screen readers.

      Hopefully you’re able to get it worked out somehow!

      • yeah i found a way to get around it, first i navigate with the tab for the start button, and the things work verry fine after that moment, the issue only acures when you launch the game at the first time and press down arrow, still no idea why its doing that but, anyway if any blind guy see this, well its simple as that lol

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