Feedback Survey – Update 6.1.3

Hello everyone!

Have you been enjoying Update 6.1.3? Have you been not enjoying Update 6.1.3? I’m collecting general feedback concerning the latest update in the survey below and would love to hear all of your thoughts! This should be expected following every public update release from here out and will go a long way in helping gauge performance from a development standpoint, allowing us to continue to improve in areas we’re faltering in, and focus on things we’re excelling at. In addition, as an experiment, for the first time I’ll be including an optional comment field at the end of the survey for people to type real, actual words! We’ll see how it goes, but if abuse can be kept at a minimum it’s something I’ll consider keeping around moving forward.


One Comment on “Feedback Survey – Update 6.1.3

  1. Love the game so far. Have played through a couple of times now. I’d love it if the bimbo route could have more of an impact on conversation or appearance in sex scenes. Or maybe have a “bimbo serum” which pushes characters to the logical end of that. Also wouldn’t mind a threesome option between Ava and Dakota. Anyway, these are just thoughts, please keep it up! Looking forward to chapter 4.

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