The Company – Update 6.2.0 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 6.2.0

Update 6.2.0 will be released to backers on Thursday, September 26th, with a public release to follow afterwards.

Content Updates

  • John’s Bathroom Oral scenes have been completely reworked
    • New dialogue has been added to all variants of the scene
    • Willingly submitting to John now requires being Bimbo, Sissy, or have a preference for giving Oral
    • Now use the new Content Block system
    • Second Bathroom Oral scene (after being dosed) is now repeatable and (sort of) interactive
  • Overhaul to John’s dose scene structure
    • Mostly backend, but you’ll see some visual changes
    • Much more organized, though functionally the same
    • Will be applied to other characters moving forward
  • Implementation of John’s Greeting content
    • Effective replacement for Comment system
    • John will greet you once a day the first time you interact with him directly
    • He will comment on character traits and changes of interest to him
    • Appealing to John’s tastes can increase Relationship
    • Applies to “Nice John” and Chanel as well
    • Check out the associated DevBlog for more info!
  • Added new option to skip entire days to the game
    • Option only available in player’s Room when selecting “Not first time playing”
    • Option only available on days where no story events take place
    • Will skip forward to Night
  • Added new option to skip to Evening on Friday, September 1st
  • John and Chanel image handling have been completely converted to utilize Image Packs!
  • New images have been added for John and Chanel
  • UI updates applied to significant portion of the game
  • Check Mirror scene has been redesigned to be slightly less horrible
  • Penny’s “Lab Release” scene now uses Content Blocks (Whore Route)
  • Napping in Room now always passes 2 time units
  • Using Phone in Room now has its own scene
  • Achievement reward improvements
    • Achievements are still a huge work in progress
    • They will be getting a proper once-over in the not too distant future

System Updates

  • Removed HUNDREDS of superfluous story variables from game
    • You may need to clear your cache, but after doing so you should notice SIGNIFICANT performance improvements
    • This is still an ongoing process and will be further improved moving forward
    • I’m a bad… bad programmer
  • Preferences have been established for John and Chanel
  • Content Block infrastructure has been built for John’s content
  • Update image handling to be more forgiving (not thoroughly crashing a scene) if an image is missing
  • Update Tracking functions to now adjust Preference updates
    • When an action is Tracked, the “performer” will have their preference for the action increased by 1, and the “recipient” if any will have their preference increased by 2
    • This is default behavior and can be overwritten where appropriate
    • This is how it was working previously, but now saves me having to write 3+ lines of code for every single tracked action!
  • New functionality for tracking story flags in code
  • New functionality for tracking/manipulating time elements in code
  • New functionality for handling NPC memory, recall, and comparison of player traits
  • Several structural updates made to scenes
    • Just getting old code up to date!


  • Fixed possible duplicate Penny appearances at Noon in Chapter 1
  • Fixed “hiss” macro error
  • Fixed Ava’s entries in Notebook not reflecting relationship status
  • Fixed missing UI elements and errors in Penny’s Lab Sex scene
  • Several grammar/spelling/syntax fixes

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