Dev Blog #82 – Not The Dev Blog You Are Looking For

Greetings everyone!

Alright, well… I’m back, so, cool? Cool, yeah, awesome… Good… Right, so, if y’all don’t need anything I’m just gonna go back to sleep while the aftermath of the last two weeks continues to wreak havoc on my rapidly aging body… Later!

…Not gonna cut it? Ugh, fine!

The Jet Lag Is Real!

Oh my gawd this whole time paradox is just destroying me! You wake up, get on a train at 1:00pm on Sunday, then on an airplane at 5:45pm that evening, and then after 11 hours of flying it’s 1:00pm on that same Sunday!!! Naturally I can’t sleep for anything on a plane, despite the cold I managed to pick up on the last day. Humans weren’t made for this nonsense!

Anyway, I suppose a proper update is in order…

So before I left I mentioned a backer-exclusive release would be out, well, today. That’s… not going to happen, which is why you’re getting a (admittedly half-assed) devblog instead. The new plan is to release the promised backer build next Tuesday. It’s a light build, really more of a progress preview than anything, but you’ll get to enjoy some welcomed bugfixes as well as a few brand new scenes with Tasha and Penny as John’s dom route continues to develop.

Beyond that, voting for the next content update (after all of John’s updates) will commence that following Thursday, and the finished Update 6.2.1 release is still planned for the end of November. Really, barring any major disasters (meaning almost definitely) we’re looking good to stick to schedule posted in the last devblog. For reference…

  • Oct 10 – Devblog #81 – Ballad of John
  • Oct 31 – Backer Release – Update 6.2.0XX Partial Build
  • Oct 31 – Dev Blog #82 – Not The Dev Blog You Are Looking For
  • Nov 5 – Backer Release – Update 6.2.0XX Partial Build
  • Nov 7 – Voting on Update 7.0 – (Tasha, Diana, Ava & Dakota, Store Clerks, or Chapter 4)
  • Nov 14 – Devblog #83 – Voting Results Implications
  • Nov 21 – Update 6.2.1 Release Notes
  • Nov 28 – Update 6.2.1 – Backer Build
  • Dec 5 – Update 6.2.1 – Public Build
  • Dec 26 – Update 6.2.2 – Backer Build

All in all, things are looking to finally calm down for me, and I can’t wait for Christmas at which point all the insanity of this year should finally be behind me and I can slow down and focus on what’s really important… Smut!

In The Halloween Spirit

I had the horrifying experience distinct pleasure of being in Shibuya for Halloween this year and it is INSANE! And I wasn’t even there on the 31st! It’s like, the whole town just goes into full-on party mode for the whole week leading up to the holiday. That doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’m about to actually talk about, it just helps me recreate the visual leading up to the cashier dressed like a French maid while I was buying a Hachiko pillow at Don-don-don-donki-donki-ho-oh-te. I’m fairly sure that when that happens, and angel gets her wings… and I know this because I saw said angel walking into the bathroom at the yakitori place I spent most of that night down MEGABEERS at…

Where was I going with this…?

Oh right, the Wardrobe System!

So over the last several weeks, my artist and I have been going on and on discussing the wardrobe system in The Company. Mostly me lamenting the coding and logical issues that come with it, and him the same from the artistic and asset generation side. Luckily, all that pissing and moaning resulted in a series of ideas that led to an impromptu Hellsing Abridged binge session and EVENTUALLY to a fantastical overhaul and expansion to the current wardrobe system!

I’m being intentionally coy about the details, but I’m expecting that 100% of everyone will love the changes coming to it, except for the 60% of you that will inevitably hate it. I’m planning this for the accompanying mechanic update alongside the post-John update, so stay tuned for actual details later this year. Just know, it’s coming and I’m excited!

That’s it for this week, and if the previous 657 words are any indication I have some serious work to do before I can start to pass as a coherent, functional human being again… But backers can look forward to next week’s build and everyone can look forward to next week’s polls! I’m looking forward to a hot midnight shower, then spending the next 5 hours in bed before my godsforsaken alarm goes off! DAMN YOU WHAM!!!

…As always, thank you for your continuous tolerance and support!

2 Comments on “Dev Blog #82 – Not The Dev Blog You Are Looking For

  1. Long time reader/player, first actual contact. Dude I feel for ya. I had to fly to Guam a couple years ago for work and man I was useless for the next three weeks. That’s not counting the heat stroke.

    I’m eagerly looking forward to all the upcoming changes, and as someone who’s been active in game communities before over the last 30 years or so, let me tell you I appreciate the level of communication you indulge us with. Sadly I’m unable to throw money at you as the wife frowns on me spending anything on… let’s call it adult entertainment. Yours is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in recent years so I would if I could. Thank you.

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