Dev Blog #86 – Numbers are Hard!

Greetings everyone!

I hope y’all had a good New Year’s holiday and are ready to dive back into the world of corporate smut! Today I’ll be talking, well, mostly semantics, but there’ll be a few scraps of meat in there, too! Let’s start changing stuff!

Update Numbers (and Release Dates!) are Bullshit!

Back when The Company first began development, we used a versioning system that was running under the assumption that the game would end up having significantly less content than it does now. As a result, what we have today is a versioning scheme that 1) doesn’t make a ton of sense and b) doesn’t allow for easy incrementationalizing, which is a word now.

It’s one of those things that’s been a constant irritant in the back of my mind but fixing it has the potential to cause more confusion that it might clear up, so I’ve just let it be.

Well, hey, it’s 2020 right? Time to kick off the new decade by ripping off a few band-aids! Starting with the next update, version numbers will be changing to follow the following convention:


So by that logic, Update 3.0 would be the update that included the conclusion of Chapter 3. A followup release that included a couple new scenes would be 3.0.1, the first dev build off that update would be, and the first update to add a new relevant feature would be 3.1. As such, the next update will release as Update 3.2.1 at the end of this month, and the dev builds will start using that same convention following that.

I realize this might seem a little unnecessary, a little confusing, but it’s ultimately a low-impact change that will go a long way in helping at least me keep track of where we are in the overall development cycle, while hopefully making it easier for players to get an idea of what was added in any given update.

And, there’s a bonus feature to this change! By splitting things up by features and content, it adds a lot of logistical slack in terms of releasing content. As such, I plan on using that slack to releasing content at a somewhat steadier pace. It’s something that everyone should start actually seeing after January’s update.

So About That Content

As stated above, the next update is slated for the end of the month. In terms of what to expect, well, everyone will get a little of something!

The primary focus of development right now is on John’s Dom update, while secondary focus is on how Diana ties into that route. As such, the next content update or two will be giving everyone a handful of new interactive scenes to play through with our favorite records keeper. For starters, events have been added to the game to allow for her to return to her office following the events in Chapter 3. Anyone who has played past November 6th will have their game’s date reset back to early November but should otherwise see no other progress resets.

Beyond that, all players will have access to a revamped interactive event with Diana in her office after her first dose event, and those on the Dom John route will get to see how her corruption impacts the player, and get to experience a series of new interactive “training” events with her!

At the very least, these new scenes will be released in this month’s update, though it wouldn’t be crazy to expect a surprise or two.

In terms of feature updates, the next big one is still the Wardrobe Update, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be showing that off before the end of the month! This system is a bit of a big one, as it will add not only a new layer of gameplay elements but also new artwork assets for the paper doll system. In addition, image pack support for Diana, Tasha, and the MC are all nearing completion, so you’ll have that to play with as well!

I think it’s going to be a good year for The Company, and I’m excited to get more and more content out to everyone. I’ll be sharing more details on the January update later this month, with the update itself likely dropping on the 30th to backers. Until then, thank you all for your feedback and support, and let’s all kick 2020 off right!

10 Comments on “Dev Blog #86 – Numbers are Hard!

  1. Hello,

    I’ve played your update and it all does look good. Though I can’t get Diana pregnant anymore. No matter how many timesI have sex with her. I’m guessing this has to do with the new content, saying the Dominating options.

    The Nody One.

  2. I enjoyed the game, but I find the game too safe. If Julia or Lauren was more aggressive towards to MC, by attempting to dose/seduce/Dom the MC to cause a bad end, It would have made the game more interesting.

  3. Hey bro. Love the game (lol). Had three nights/sessions where I went till three in the morning. Probably have 20+ hours clocked. Keep up the good work.

  4. I play the game from several versions ago, recently in this I could make Tasha take a more interesting position,

    Several questions, will there be an option to go out with the various friends / girlfriends during the weekend and what happens beyond the kisses and cuddles?

    Or that some take a position more towards the offensive? Because beyond the mid-afternoon parties and the trip to the company’s headquarters with Tasha, can’t you go beyond that or with the other girl from that office?

    I’m also curious about the Mall girls. Do you have any future idea of making them use serums with them?

  5. Why can’t we choose the different steps in sexualité interactions like in older versions? There’s a lot less choice now, it’s awful!

  6. I last played close to a year ago, and remember really wishing there was more than one or two scenarios where John and Penny cuck you. Have any John Dom updates happened that will delve into that some more?

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