Dev Blog #88 – Creative Writing

Greetings everyone!

This month sure has been flying by, right? Haha, I’ve been locked in my office writing about debauchery for weeks, hahaha! I think I need to go outside, hahaha! Ha… Hm… Here’s a dev blog.

Debauchery: Crowd-sourced!

For those of you who don’t know, Haseo has been acting as a sort of Community Manager for me for the better part of a year now. You may have seen him around the Discord (He’s the one with the blue username and the great hair) as well as on various community forums. We’ve been putting together a new community event for a while and are finally ready to share the details on it! I’m gonna go ahead and pass it off to Haseo himself to explain it…

Haseo here. That handsome dude whose conditioner game is on point! I have been a part of this community for longer than a year and it’s one of the best communities surrounding a game that I have ever seen. You have probably seen me skulking around like a Randall in the last year (Is that a motherfucking Recess reference!?) trying to make sure everyone was notified about Blog Updates, news, and community events. I inspire to gather everyone from time to time and actually have everyone participate in things that benefit The Company or at least in allowing everyone to participate in changing it for the better.

As a goal of Westane and I, we try to host special events every couple of months to spiritually hand over the wheel to the fans. In 2019 we had the first AMA, we hosted a few events on changing the pictures/media for Penny, and you guys voted on the future updates of The Company in 2020. What we are doing next will follow in that trend. Are you a writer and have always wanted to contribute to The Company? Do you have a mind so full of smut you just want to share it? Well soon, writers from everywhere will be able to do just that.

We are going to be hosting a Writing Contest! This writing contest will have one greater prize; Really the prize a majority of people have always wanted. To write a scene for The Company. Many creative minds week to week have always asked Westane if (Insert AAA Idea here) could be added to the game and now you all have a real chance for your own ideas to become a reality. Have you ever wanted to have Ava and the MC hold hands? Have you ever wanted to hug Diana? Maybe give Tasha a massage while you listen to her problems? All this +18 debauchery and more can now be created by any and all of you!

How this is going to work is as follows.

The contest is going to be split into 2 Phases. Phase 1: The Pitch will start February 4th, and run until the day of love, Valentines Day. This gives everyone just about 2 weeks from today to prepare their ideas for release. On Feb 4th Westane will give out a link to where the ideas will written and submitted. Everyone will be using the following template to write ideas:

  • Scene Name: Sweet Dreams
  • Location and time of day: In Ava’s Dream, at Night
  • Characters in scene (Limit 2, not counting MC, existing characters ONLY): Ava and Saya
  • Pitch (1,000 Character Limit): Saya visits Ava in her sleep after reaching a certain serum level where they spend the whole night playing checkers and discussing politics

The last day to submit ideas will be on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 11:59 PM EST

Over the next few days, Westane and myself will pick out the top 7 we love the most and we will be posting them to The Company Discord server where the community can read all the chosen entries. Voting will open on February 18th and proceed through February 25th. Once the votes are in, the two entries with the highest votes will be contacted to have their pitch written into an actual scene for the game.

Now you are probably wondering to yourself “When will winners be announced?” You make a good point you beautiful bastard you!

Winners are going to be announced AND read at the 2nd AMA! You read that right, Westane and myself will be reading the top 2 winners live at the 2nd AMA. Plenty of blushing and unwholesomeness will be on full display that night. Other Prizes will also be announced at the end of the 2nd AMA.

The date for the 2nd AMA will actually be announced at a later date when we know how the schedules for Westane and myself are going to be at but expect it to be around early March. Any other news will also trickle in the coming weeks but most of this is set in stone.

This pretty much concludes this section about the Writing Contest. As I said you all have 3 weeks to rack your brains and dive into the smut mines for your submissions. I hope to see many zany and amazing ideas come February 4th, See everyone around and you better behave or else Miss Finster is going to have your ass! (Is that another motherfucking Recess reference!?) Haseo out!

So there you have it! Remember that the initial pitch is just that – a pitch. Take your most interesting idea and condense it down to a quick pitch. The judge-selected entries will be chosen based on various factors, but prime among them will be how well the scene fits within the established lore and world of The Company. I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

January Update… Update

The January Update (3.2.1) is set to release this time next week to backers!

The planned Diana-centric content has all been added and is currently undergoing testing while a new escorting system is wrapping up! While this new system will be tying directly into Diana’s new content, it will also add a new activity for the player to participate in on their own if they’re not playing through John’s Dom route.

In fact, that makes for a good segue into a major minor announcement concerning all the recent new content. To put it plainly, all of the new content for Tasha and Diana, as well as the escorting system, will be getting added to the game in a way that will be accessible outside of John’s Dom route. That is to say, you’ll be able to experience all of it without every having to submit to John, or better yet, even if John doesn’t “stay” John!

These paths won’t make it into January’s update, but they’ll be coming very soon!

Hopefully everyone’s looking forward to the upcoming community event as well as next week’s update. It’s been a busy month over here, and I’m hoping it’ll all pay off for everybody. As always, thank you all for your continued support and feedback!

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