The Company – Update 3.2.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.2.1

Update Summary

  • This update expands on John’s Dom route after Tasha’s initial corruption and focuses on how Diana becomes affected by John. Key features include Diana’s return to The Company after Chapter 3 ends, new scenes involving her “training” the MC for John, and major improvements to the interactive scenes. Additionally, this update has introduced a new naming scheme for version numbers, as outlined HERE.

Content Updates

  • New event on November 6th featuring Diana’s return
    • Save games from after November 6th will reset to the evening of Saturday, November 4th. This may lead to some unusual scenarios depending on when the game was saved, but shouldn’t cause any playability issues
  • Diana’s interactive sex scene (ISS) has been completely overhauled
    • It is still accessed in her office the same before, but now provides a more fluid experience rather than repetitive button clicking
  • John’s Dom Route has been expanded
    • After witnessing Tasha’s scene in the Records Office, the next phase of the route will begin
    • Diana, if she’s available, will call you for a meeting which will trigger subsequent training scenes
    • This will also unlock the new escorting system
    • Finishing Diana’s training course will open up interactive scenes with Dom John in the next update!

System Updates

  • New Player Escort system
    • Find new work as an independent escort!
    • This feature is being added in Update 3.2.1 as part of Diana’s “Dom John” content branch
    • The next content update will allow the player to unlock the option of their own free will
    • This feature can be accessed either when going home from work, or through your phone in your room at night or in the evening
    • Clients are generated randomly and the dialogue and payout you get is based on your skills in various actions
  • “Skill” is a new hidden value based on how many times you have performed a specified action, and can be used for various checks
  • First pass at sidebar cleanup
    • Save button moved to top of sidebar
    • Passive character information moved to new “Player Info”, replaces the Wardrobe button
    • Tasks and Items sections won’t appear unless there is an active task or held item
    • Debug Menu and Report Issue buttons moved up

Dialogue System Updates

  • Added variable dialogue return based on Vagina Size
  • Added variable dialogue return based on MC’s skill in actions
    • Allows for custom NPC comments as well
  • Added functionality to Thought function for random returns
  • Updated preference dialogue return to handle in-message thought bubbles

Interactive Sex System Updates

  • Added new ISS structure to Diana’s default office scene
  • Created function to return preferred action influenced by NPC’s preferences
  • Created function to easily update stats during ISS sequences

Function Updates

  • Moved ‘canFuck’ check off of player and into JS to free memory
  • Created new function to check for character’s skill at an action based on how many times an action has been performed
  • Created new function to call random names from a list based on masculine or feminine values


  • Fixed SEVERAL grammar/spelling/context errors
  • Fixed preference initialize function to set to starting preference for new actions to “Neutral” instead of “Hate”
  • Fixed John message display during Chris scene
  • Fixed issue that allowed you to skip past Late Morning on weekdays
  • DEV: Fixed broken image links on neocities host
  • DEV: Fixed broken links in Diana Returns event
  • DEV: Fixed possibility to miss Diana’s return
  • DEV: Fixed anatomy return issue for Massive/Huge anatomy

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  1. There is no more Restart button on game.. I want to start over but won’t allow me. I even cleared my cookies but when pull game up its still on an old save game..

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