Concerning Update 3.2.1 Public Release

Greetings everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update concerning tomorrow’s release. Update 3.2.1 Public Release WILL be dropping tomorrow, likely in the late morning or early afternoon. Backers will want to pick up this release as well, as it addresses many issues reported in the Backer Release from last week.

One thing I’ll be collecting feedback on, and expect to hear some reported issues as a result, is that images don’t seem to be loading consistently. I’m having a hard time nailing down the crux of the problem, and the best running theory I have right now is that it’s browser-related and has to do with dashes/hyphens in the filenames. Yes, that sounds stupid, but it’s also the only line of troubleshooting that’s checked out so far.

As such, I’ve slipped a new error handle into the game. If an image fails to load because the game is looking for an invalid image, that is, the game itself screwed up, you’ll get a message telling you what image it failed to load. If you’re getting an empty or broken image box, I would ask that you try running the game in another browser and report the results.

All that aside, I hope everyone’s looking forward to tomorrow’s release!

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