Community Update – Pitch Submission Voting

Hello everyone!

After reviewing all submitted pitches for the writing competition we’ve finally settled on the seven best, and now all that’s left is for the community to choose their favorites! You’ll find the entries posted below, followed by a link to cast your vote. Everyone will be able to vote for up to two entries, and voting will run until February 25th. The winners will be announced at next month’s Discord AMA and the authors will be contacted to turn their pitch into a scene within the game!

As a disclaimer, every entry listed below will be posted EXACTLY AS SUBMITTED. That being said, while we will try our best to give the author as much creative freedom as possible there is always the possibility that the winning pitches will see some modification so as to best fit within the game. Any needed modifications will be made alongside the author so as best to maintain the vision of the scene.

Without further ado, here are the entries…

Bringing Tasha to Meet the Family
The Commons, Late Afternoon (end in Home: Living Room)
Tasha and Dakota
“After Tasha is “Girlfriend?” or higher and Dakota is a “Bold MC Fucker”, Jesse doses Tasha to not be concerned about him/her fucking their family, then invites her to come meet them. Dakota greets them, but Ava left a note and some cash for pizza. Dakota puts on a movie…wait why did we let Dakota choose the movie…
After a little bit of feeling each other out conversationally and flirting, Dakota and Tasha seem ready for some sexy fun. The player is presented with a series of fun options for sex acts, some of which will be generically available, some dependent on genitalia and dominance.
Once everyone’s tuckered out, a sleepover commences, leaving Ava to come home and find the delightful mess. The next morning, Tasha has to rush off to an appointment, but Dakota wakes you with oral, before an otherwise-regular morning commences.”

Dakota’s Friend Comes Back
At Noon Living Room
Dakota, Dakota’s friend from webcam event (Chloe)
“Conditions: Dakota is dosed to “”Bold Brother/Sister fucker”” level, Webcam event happened
Jesse is watching a movie when Dakota comes home with a girl. While Dakota checks if Ava is home, the girl introduces herself to Jesse and begin smalltalk that’s cut short by Dakota pushing the girl to her room and grabbing Jesse’s hand, leading him/her to the room.

Dom: Inside Jesse takes off his/her pants and girls begin to service him/her, leading to further intercourse. Jesse wakes up with Dakota in her bed.

Sub: Dakota orders Jesse to strip. While Jesse does so Dakota tells her friend how she made her sibling her bitch and was thinking about letting her coworkers use him/her for release. When Jesse is done stripping he/she’s ordered to service the girl leading to further intercourse.

Doms can have threesomes with Dakota and her random friend every Friday Evening by entering her room
Sub players can pick up Dakota from work where she would let her coworkers use him/her”

Dining at the Y
Afternoon, in the Commons
MC, Diana
After Diana and MC have sex in office, Diana has submissive MC go down on her in the commons while she has lunch.

Chance Encounter
In the restaurant/cafe the MC and Penny frequents, during work hours
Penny, MC and Dakota
Dakota wanders into the restaurant/cafe the MC and Penny frequent while they are eating, and sits down to eat with them. If Dakota is dosed to sleep with brother level, she will be jealous of Penny and attempts to put her hand on the MC’s genitals under the table but instead finds Penny’s genitals. If Penny is dosed to be a Whore, she takes Dakota into the bathroom to have some ‘fun’. If Penny is dosed to be Sexually Dominant, she will do the same thing back to Dakota. If Penny is dosed either of the other ways (or not at all), she is extremely surprised by Dakota’s forwardness and has a word with the MC after they go back to work.

Coffee Break
Early Afternoon, in the office.
Normal day but all the coffee you’ve been drinking since dosing Mom and Tasha has gotten your bladder all kinds of active. Excusing yourself from the lab, you head to the Men’s restroom with a faster than normal pace. Pushing open the door, you’re greeted with a few of the personnel circling John who is busily sucking their cocks. You’d forgotten the time and that John would be in here at this time servicing the guys. You head to the nearest stall and eagerly empty your bladder. Upon exiting the stall, John sees you and asks if you’d like to get serviced. Choose to agree or walk out if it’s not your thing. A quick blowjob scene with John swallowing before you walk out and back to the lab. Re-entering the lab, Penny makes sure to note that you forgot to zip up. This is a way for players to have some gay content that isn’t submissive if they choose.

Relieving Tension w/ Julia
Morning/Afternoon; Office>Medical
Julia, after her exposure to BMB1
When MC enters the medical wing, option to engage in convo w/Julia about relieving stress. If Dom MC, options to spank Julia, followed by having Julia preform fellatio or rim job. If sub, add option to join Julia in preforming fellatio.

It Is Alive
Afternoon, In the Lab
In an attempt to create a new chemical, Penny mixes chemicals together and a freak mutation causes the chemicals to briefly come to life as a blob of pure sexual desire that reaches out with slimy blob like tentacles and penetrates both Penny and the main character.

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15 Comments on “Community Update – Pitch Submission Voting

    • Was gonna say the same thing. They’re all pretty trash.
      You’re not voting for the best, you’re voting for the “least worst”.

      I can’t wait for the comments of “let’s see you write something better”.
      You don’t have to be a chef to know a meal tastes terrible.

  1. Dining at the Y

    Is the only one that you can work for any one in the Commons . Once you have them all under some form of control . Handies Bj’s strat up lap rides .

  2. Bringing Tasha to Meet the Family if I can only vote for one if not I like nost of em but these id really like to see.

    Bringing Tasha to Meet the Family, It Is Alive, Chance Encounter

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