The Company – Update 3.2.2 – Release Notes

Update Summary

  • Update 3.2.2 focuses on opening up interactions between the player and John himself, including more options during his early scenes, as well as a special repeatable ISS after being fully trained by Diana if going down the Dom John route.

Content Updates

  • John’s Dom Route will now continue to progress once finishing training with Diana!
    • This will kick off with a timed scene that will lead to some drastic changes for the MC
    • After witnessing that scene, you’ll get to experience a brand new ISS with John… In your room!
  • Updated character generation to allow for quick gender templates
    • You can still choose to customize your character as in the past
  • Added new dream sequence on September 3rd to allow player to choose their starting dominance level
    • Former dream about Dakota has been moved to September 5th with a 50/50 chance to be about Dakota or Ava
  • Converted John’s bathroom scenes to new ISS format
    • New options and new dialogues for familiar scenes
    • Much of the dialogue has been reworked to feel more natural and change the tone slightly for players who might actually want to take John up on his offer
    • Can now choose to intimidate John with larger… assets… as a female wearing a strapon
    • Scene is accessible by following John to bathroom after drinks
  • Merged all of John’s office bathroom scenes into new ISS
    • This includes bathroom visits triggered from random events, the serum backfire event, and visiting the bathroom on your own at any point following the serum backfire event
  • A new ISS for John has been added after completing all of Diana’s training events
    • A scene will commence resulting in a possibly major change to your character
    • John’s ISS will occur automatically once every weekend, and can be triggered manually by using your phone
  • Updated Diana’s office ISS to allow non-submissive players to choose to offer themselves to Diana in the initial node
  • Several new player images have been added
  • Introduction scene has been touched up
  • Complete image pack support is in place for Player, John (Male), and Diana

System Updates

  • Adjusted activation of Dom John route
    • Backfire event now only triggers if MC is submissive, rather than “not dominant”
    • Backfire event requires going down on John in bathroom, whether willingly or otherwise
  • Adjusted Penny’s Dom John route flow
    • These changes have been made to try to better direct players towards this content after initiating the Dom John route
    • You can go looking for Penny in the morning, early afternoon, or afternoon now, but only once a day
    • After seeing the Penny/John event for the first time in a day, the dialogue will revert back to Penny simply being uninterested in helping out
    • After witnessing the Penny/John event at least once, the followup event will now occur automatically after a few days in the Late Morning if no other events are taking place
  • Once you’ve completed all events with Tasha and Diana on John’s Dom route, they will occur less frequently
  • Adjusted skill scales to gain skill quicker in the beginning based on action tracking
    • Expert – was 20 times, still 20 times
    • Great – was 15 times, now 13 times
    • Good – was 10 times, now 7 times
    • Okay – was 5 times, now 2 times
    • New – was 0 times, still 0 times
  • Integrated new way of handling event cooldowns to free up memory


  • Fixed a boatload of dialogue errors
  • Image check now only flags invalid image versions if the version of the found image pack is LOWER than the expected one
    • Image version mismatches are still noted silently, but will not cause a check fail
  • Fixed errors loading “-GEN” named images
  • Fixed “she” macro errors
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Penny’s image manifest
  • Fixed incorrect image calls in Diana’s image manifest

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