Dev Blog #92 – All Dolled Up With Nowhere To Go

Greetings all!

It’s been a pretty surreal few days, and it’s only shaping up to get crazier. In the interest of remaining optimistic, let’s kick back and talk some smut!

March Update in April?

While the impending apocalypse has yet to impact me in the worst way, it’s still been an impact. As a result, I’m expecting the March update to be delayed by a few days and releasing around April 2nd. This will allow time to tie up loose ends and ensure new scenes and systems are working correctly.

I’m also finding that I’ve severely underestimated the time investment when creating ISS events. What I thought I would be able to get down to a 1-2 day process is turning out to average closer to 4-5 days a piece given the number of potential routes a player could take through them depending on their character state and choices with the scenes themselves. Contrary to some sentiments, the ISS events are new content, as even with a base to go off of, they need to be written from the ground up and do provide new scenes and dialogue to experience. This isn’t to say that I’ll be reconsidering or dialing back on adding ISS events to the game, as I think the benefits and the potential are substantial, just giving a little insight into the time that goes into making them!

On that note, it’s around this time that I like to give a little insight as to what players can expect from the coming update!

Planned Features – Update 3.2.3

  • ISS event for Chanel in office
  • ISS event for Chanel and Tasha in Tasha’s office
  • New player interactions with Chanel outside the office
  • Chanel’s dialogue is getting looked over as well
    • For example, expect more allusions to back when Chanel was John!
  • Escort System accessibility for players not on Dom John route
  • Establishing groundwork for John’s branching serum paths
    • This includes some new serum scenes with John and revised scene mechanics
  • Proper image pack support for Tasha
  • Engine improvements to (hopefully) speed up gameplay
  • Several bug fixes, including addressing the Missing Diana issue

As Chanel’s content is already more or less established in the game, this update serves to polish and streamline it. Upgrades from static scenes to full ISS events with multiple options and outcomes are just one example. Update 3.2.3 also serves to move John’s dose events over to a proper branching system, much like Penny’s, and as such you’ll have a slightly altered experience when taking John and turning him into Chanel.

The Escort System, introduced in Update 3.2.1, will be opening up to players not on the John Dom route. After falling into a conversation hanging around the local shopping mall, you’ll be able to access potential clients from your phone during the nights and evenings if nothing else is going on. This time around, you’ll get paid immediately and not have to deal with The Company taking their exorbitant cut from your earnings!

Finally, players who accidentally passed the November 6th date and therefore missed Diana’s return, will have their game’s date reset to November 6th to have this corrected. No progress should be lost through this process, and with this update it will no longer be possible to skip November 6th.

Taking the Upper Hand in April

After Chanel’s update this month, we’ll start closing out the John update cycle with the Sub-John-Centric serum paths.

Specifically, serum routes will open for Doll John, Sub John, and Friend… John? Still working on the last one…

The Doll John route exists for everyone who feels a very specific way about John, and needs to see him get worked over just a little bit… okay a lotta bit. Think of this route as the opposite of the Chanel Route, where that route had John very much “wanting” to become Chanel by the end of it, the Doll John route is more of a consent-optional affair. You’ll be reworking what exactly makes John “tick”, while also implementing a few… functional restrictions in his operation. Add in a sprinkle of free-use and a dash of forniphilia and we have ourselves a party!

Sub John and Friend John will come after that, heading into May, and are essentially two sides of the same coin. For those who seek a comeuppance a touch less extreme than eventual dollification, turning John from the office megajock into your meek, subservient manslave is probably what you’re looking for. Of course, an even less extreme option lies in reprogramming John to be a *gasp* decent human being! So decent, a romantic relationship may very well be in the cards should you choose to take things that way.

In any case, you should all hopefully find a much more dynamic character in John by the start of Summer… just in time to dive into Ava and Dakota’s content! That’ll be a dev blog for another week, though.

That about wraps up this week. Those in the Administrative Specialist tier should expect another dev build this week (if one hasn’t already hit by the time this post goes live) and from there they should become more frequent leading up to the launch of Update 3.2.3. As for everyone else, I hope this post gives everyone something to look forward to over the next couple updates. I’m well aware there’s some “John Fatigue” and once this cycle’s over I’ll be making efforts to combat that sort of thing with characters in the future, but for now we’re almost at the end it!

As always, thank you all for your feedback and support, and please… please try to stay healthy! What better time to hole up inside and play some eroge, right? Well, not me, as soon as I’m done writing this I’m jumping into the PSO2 open beta, but… Seriously, stay safe everyone!

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