Dev Blog #93 – What Day is It?

Greetings everyone!

My kids have been out of school for two weeks… and will apparently be home until August at best. Ha… hahaha… Hooo, I think I should cancel my yearly rewatch of The Shining…

Update 3.2.3 – Progress Report

It’s weird how The World can affect your perception on reality, even without actually changing it. I mean, I work from home and stay inside all day anyway, so nothing’s “really” changed for me… except it all has somehow. Every morning I wake up in this foggy haze and have started relying solely on my Google Home’s morning update just to keep my days straight. It’s… bizarre…

But hey, the next update is coming along nicely!

While I’ve been trying to stick to a monthly release schedule it looks like I’ll be losing to a technicality, as Update 3.2.3 won’t release until Thursday, April 2nd. Right now, as those in the Administrative Assistant tier are well aware, we’re working on stomping out a veritable army of bugs from the new update before next week’s release. Efforts have been made to further increase speed and efficiency in the game itself from the backend, and all the content for the new update has been added and is in testing. I think people will find a lot to like with a slightly more fleshed out Chanel, not to mention some previews as to what’s coming further down John’s serum routes.

As it is, that’s basically all there is to talk about this week, which is typical towards the end of development for an update. I’ll have more to talk about concerning April’s update once April starts, so until then I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy! Look forward to next week’s Chanel-focused update, and as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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