The Company – Update 3.2.3 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.2.3

Update Summary

  • This update focuses on fleshing out some of Chanel’s content while also building on the John TF route itself, setting up for split routes in the future. Update 3.2.3 will be releasing to backers on Thursday, April 2nd, with a public release to follow some time after.

Special Notes

  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!

Content Updates

  • Chanel’s existing content has been updated
    • Scene with Chanel in her office has been converted into a full ISS event
    • Scene with Chanel and Tasha has been converted into a full ISS event
  • Chanel has received new content
    • After her transformation event, Chanel will give you her phone number, unlocking new content
    • New Day Trip event with Chanel on weekends
    • New Date event with Chanel in the evening
  • John now has a branching serum route!
    • This is similar to how Penny’s branching serum route works
    • Currently, only the TFM-1 routes are complete through Tier 2 serums
    • Mental Transformation routes are coming in the next updates!
    • Currently unavailable content is displayed but disabled, signaling the end of that current route
  • John’s serum scenes have been added/altered
    • Initial serum scene is a general compliance dose before splitting off
    • New scene has John helping out in the lab as a gateway to future doses
    • The “Have John service others in the bathroom” dose now allows you to choose to have him service women, or both men and women. As such, what were previously two separate serum scene have been consolidated into a single scene with the aforementioned option
    • The “Attend Classes” serum scene has been moved to the Mental Transformation route, and is currently inaccessible until that route gets implemented
  • Player Escorting system now accessible outside of Dom John route!
    • On the night of October 1st, a new scene will play out between the MC and Dakota
    • After witnessing that scene, a trip to the mall will unlock the escorting option on your phone
    • Clients can be contacted during evening and nights via your phone
    • If loading a previously saved game after October 1st, the mall scene will unlock automatically after Chapter 2
  • The main Work and Home scenes will now always display a random thought the MC may be having, be it about current events, actions they could take, or meaningless whims. More pressing/important thoughts that act as player guides will always take priority
  • Conversations at the office will no longer trigger during the Evening
  • New reactionary dialogue has been added to various parts of the game, meant to comment on various aspects of the player relevant to that scene

System Updates

  • ISS events with “Dominant” actions now have a chance to appear for non-dominant MCs
    • These will display as a red “Dominant” button but will show “Opportunity!” instead
    • This gives non-dominant MCs a chance to take a dominant action as a way of increasing their dominance
    • Opportunity actions will not appear for “Very Submissive” or Sissy MCs
  • New functions have been added to easier track dose statuses for all characters
  • Backend updates have been made to speed up the game and reduce memory usage
    • Cooldown tracking is now being handled by JS functions
    • Time management is now being handled by JS functions
    • Browser detection is now being handled by JS functions
  • The Comment System has been removed from the game
    • We tried, we failed, we move on
    • Reactionary dialogue is effectively replacing a centralized comment engine
    • Removal of the comment databases has also improved load times!
  • Image Pack support has been added for Tasha


  • The usual routine spelling/grammar/context fixes
    • Keep these coming, they do help!
  • Comment System related errors should no longer appear

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.2.3 – Release Notes

  1. hi westane, i stumbled onto this game via reddit. 12 hours later, i realized i have real life obligations to fulfill…. but that said, i really have to thank you so much. a fantastic diversion in these dark times of covid!

  2. great game as always 🙂
    for some reason my MC is gaining arousal when making serums. is he supposed to enjoy work that much? 😛

  3. Just out curiosity, are you ever going to add orgasm denial/more chastity play for sissy/submissive MC’S. Love the game btw. Great way to explore things

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