General Feedback Survey – Spring 2020

Greetings everyone!

Every few months I like to put out a somewhat lengthy feedback survey to gather raw analytics on how people feel about certain aspects of The Company. In a world full of loud personalities vying for attention, I find these cold, unfeeling metrics to be of particular value and, more importantly, parsing data is fun! I invite anyone and and everyone to take the survey and contribute to the future development of The Company, and I’ll likely touch on the results in a future devblog or other event.

Please remember that this survey is purely to gather information and consolidate general opinions, and is not in any way meant to be seen as any kind of content voting.

Thanks, and have fun!


2 Comments on “General Feedback Survey – Spring 2020

  1. Neat survey! Thanks for giving the fans a broad, clean way to give feedback on the game. A thought for the next one: Maybe have a question that captures if we play with cheat codes or not? Or have some of the questions account for cheat codes? I usually play with infinite money and serums, for example, so it sort of invalidates some of your questions about “Is there enough to spend money on?” (I play with no concept of money) and “who is your serum priority?” (I don’t have to prioritize serums, so it’s based almost purely on who I have access to first.)

    Just a dumb, over-thought thought. Thanks again for a wonderful game. It’s truly a ray of joy.

  2. Thanks for these surveys. I like it that you continue to ask input from us players about some of the content in your game.

    I also like the above idea on cheat codes that we possibly use. I typically use the ones with extra stamina and all wardrobe items unlocked, for instance.

    Serums I sometimes use. Mostly for the dom-John path but sometimes to manipulate Ava (she remains smokin’ hot to me)….otherwise, I just use them from time to time to unlock more content.

    Thanks again for putting out another survey!

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