The Company – Update 3.2.4 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.2.4

Update Summary

  • This update focuses on expanding John’s non-Chanel serum routes, specifically his submissive route and body modification route. Major content additions include a new player-controlled ISS with John in the bathroom as well as some new events.

Special Notes

  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!
  • I’ve included the pics/event/js/imgEvents.js file in the local download as well as the associated image pack which should cut down on <> errors moving forward

Content Updates

  • John now has branching serum routes!
  • Physical Transformation
    • MCS-1 and MCS-2 body modification events
    • New random events added for each dose
    • New bathroom ISS added after MCS-2 doses
  • Mental Transformation
    • MCS-1 and MCS-2 behavioral modification events
    • New random event added after doses
    • New date scene unlocked as well as John’s phone number
    • New bathroom ISS added after MCS-2 dose
  • Added new conversations
  • Added new images for new events

System Updates

  • Generic action images have converted to image pack system
  • Updated NPC memory functionality to make assumptions about the MC upon first meeting them
    • Intent is that you’ll see less of your male MC’s getting the “Oh my god… You have a penis?” reactions
  • Removed Character Credits menu item
    • Replaced with Credits menu to reference developers and contributors
  • Renamed Patreons menu item to Supporters


  • Fixed a couple spelling/grammar/code-showing errors
  • Fixed missing Tasha solo image
  • Fixed most awkward anatomy references with new memory functions… hopefully
  • Fixed pathing issues in Chanel’s ISS
  • Fixed issue allowing the possibility to trigger Dom John route after already dosing him
  • Fixed issue with Tasha’s serum route ending early
  • Fixed Chanel’s date event not progressing time
  • Fixed Escort Scene events sometimes not progressing time
  • Fixed Escort Scene pSize reference errors
  • Fixed Escort clients requesting actions they’re unequipped to handle
  • Fixed missing image in Escort Scene
  • Fixed issue where Saya was psychic
  • Fixed missing scene variant in Diana’s office ISS
  • Fixed issue where Diana could possibly not be flagged as having left the office during Chapter 3

6 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.2.4 – Release Notes

  1. For some reason, John’s corruption isn’t ging up past 4, so I can’t go any further with him. It says he’s being corrupted, but it’s not showing it.

    • Not sure what you mean by “go further” with John. The corruption stat doesn’t affect any of John’s content or limit your ability to dose him.

      • I’m stuck at a corruption of 3 for him. Every time a scene happens with him it says he’s being corrupted further, but the stats don’t increase. And I thought maybe it was just glitched and not showing the real number, but nothing is progressing with him for me. He continues being the same and the events at night have been the same one for the past week in the game. I can’t dose him anymore either. I’m not sure if it’s just that I reached the end of the submissive route of John when it comes to that aspect, but the stats for him is definitely glitched for me. His friendship rises, but his corruption doesn’t.

      • I went back to double-check. The scene in the morning with John after he has finished being dosed, you can get a scene with him and at the end of the scene it says he was slightly more corrupt, but the stats aren’t showing that for him. If I go and click on characters I see all the different stats. Under corruption, it is still stuck at 3. It won’t increase no matter how many times I do the bathroom scene and it says he’s being corrupted.

  2. should make an option for the subs out there to make the characters (not just john and mom) rape you whenever they get the chance. specifically the sister, penny and tasha.

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