Dev Blog #97 – Best Expansion

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a pretty interesting month in terms of development, particularly in the area of expansion, and while today’s devblog won’t be a particularly lengthy one there’s still juicy pieces of info nuggets to be had so let’s get to it!

Coming in the May Update

Update 3.2.5 is still on track for release at the end of May. This update will see the current conclusion of John’s content development until we’ve cleared Chapter 4. Specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue a more normal (relatively speaking) relationship with John after a bit of serum-induced repair work. Of course a romantic route will be optional, locked behind a specific decision presented during one of John’s recently added events, should you decide to just stay friends.

Update 3.2.5 Features:

  • New dose events
  • New day trip out with John
  • New random events
  • New conversations
  • New ISS at John’s apartment
  • Scene pitch event scenes added to the game!

With this update, John’s content will be complete through the MCS-2 level of serums. MCS-3 serum content won’t see implementation until after Chapter 4 has concluded and until the rest of the cast has been brought up to this level. I know, I’m gonna miss these John updates just as much as the rest of you, but I think it’s time to move on to bigger and better things!

Expanding the Team

And to help me move on to said bigger and better things, I’d like to officially introduce ElizabethViolet as our new auxiliary scene writer!

She has a writing style quite similar to mine, and it’s very possible you’ve played through a scene or two of hers without having even realized it, and it makes me incredibly happy to have her on board. Elizabeth’s primary role will be writing supplemental content such as random events, dates and day trips, conversations, and such to allow me to focus more on driving the main story and content lines forward. This will also allow us to cover more ground in terms of content, meaning you might start to see some scenes popping up for your favorite characters outside of their exclusive development cycles.

Swing by the Discord and say hello sometime! You’ll recognize her (and any other potential team members) by the purple username!

Summer Cleaning

So before we wrap up I wanted to touch on June’s update.

The June update, likely Update 3.3.0, will be either very interesting or completely uninteresting depending on, well, what you find interesting. I guess that’s basically every update, but, it’s not like I can just backspace over words I’ve already typed so I’m just gonna have to roll with it!

June’s update is going to be 100% a maintenance update. No new content, maybe a little reshuffled or re-polished content, but nothing explicitly “new”. Rather, this update will be dedicated to squashing any lingering bugs, tuning up any backend functions, finishing the image pack conversion, implementing wardrobe system changes, and a whole bunch of other stuff so that the groundwork will be firmly laid for all the new Ava and Dakota updates starting in July. This has been long overdue, and by taking an entire update to do it I can ensure it will be done right! Additionally, once all the image calls in the game have been updated, a much… MUCH smaller MP4 image pack will be made available to those who have browser that support it… which is most browsers.

Expect a much deeper dive into this update after May’s update has been released!

That’s it for this week. It’s an exciting time for The Company with the addition of a new fulltime writer and I’m excited to see how we’ll be able to progress forward as a result. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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