Dev Blog #98 – Calling All Curtains

Greetings everyone!
Not a whole lot to report today, as is usually the case at this point in development, but it never hurts to cover the basics!

Update 3.2.5 Release
May’s update is set to release next Thursday, May 28th, to all backers in the Intern tier and up. A public release will follow later. This update will see the content focus shifting away from John and onto Ava and Dakota, as well as the home environment in general, after a maintenance update in June.
The focus of John’s content in Update 3.2.5 will be on his friendship/romance route, allowing the MC to clean up John’s act and see him in a new light and, should you be so inclined, as a potential romantic partner. Going down that particular route will eventually grant you access to John’s apartment where you can engage in a steamy romp with the man himself.
This update will also be adding the winning scenes from this year’s content contest. Each of which, incidentally, will involve Dakota plus one additional character. Those who have unlocked Dakota’s webcam event will get to see a much more fleshed out version of her friend, and those who have become involved with Tasha will get to bring her home for some new fun! Of course, nothing’s stopping you from unlocking both those scenes, either.
Regarding June’s Update
While the in-depth look at June’s maintenance update is yet to come, I wanted to lay out the key points on which this update will be focusing. By dedicating an entire update cycle to backend work, I’ll finally have the opportunity to sort out a lot of longstanding anomalies as well as clean up a whole lot of duct tape. Primary focus in the next update will include:
  • Full image pack conversion, compression, and cleanup
  • Wardrobe system revamp, replacing individual clothing items with outfit options, as well as the resulting style parsing that comes with that
  • Reorganization and reformatting of random events for better control, access, and visual
  • Addressing various bugs and oddities
  • Reevaluating the transformation system
  • Reevaluating Corruption and Relationship stats
  • Lots of other little things…
My hope is that while June’s update won’t be bringing with it any obviously new content, players will see a more streamlined game upon its release.
That’s it for this week, I told you it would be a short one! I’m looking forward to getting the newest update into backers’ hands next week and I hope everyone enjoys what comes with it. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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