The Company – Update 3.2.5 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.2.5

Update Summary

  • This update focuses on John’s Friendship/Romance route, opening up new interactions with him and adjusting his behavior to be more palatable.

Special Notes

  • Due to the drastic overhaul to John’s serum routes, it is highly advisable to start a new game if you are already dosing John!

Content Updates

  • New John Dose – “Convince John you’re his best friend”
    • Adds two new random events
    • Adds new conversations to pool
    • Allows you to call John in the evening and take him out for drinks
  • New John Dose – “Make John completely devoted to you”
    • Allows you to take John out on day trip
    • Unlock a new ISS event at John’s apartment
  • Added new location for John’s day trip event
  • Living Room can now be used to pass time by watching a movie alone on the weekends
  • Added writing submission scenes
  • New Dakota/Jessica event
    • Jessica is the girl from the webcam event, and therefore requires you to have unlocked and witnessed the webcam event at home
    • Will trigger when trying to watch a movie alone on the weekends in the living room, once per weekend
    • Living Room should have a ???? flag if the event is eligible to trigger
  • New Dakota/Tasha event
    • Requires player to have gone out with Tasha during the Chapter 3 Saturday event, and then going back to her apartment
    • Will trigger once per week when trying to go home during the evening
    • Requires not being on John’s dom path
  • Both new scenes require Dakota not be under the effect of MCS-X
  • Added new images for new events

System Updates

  • Added new anatomy reference macros for various “X or Y” references
  • Updated cooldown handling functions to expand functionality


  • Various text and macro fixes
  • Updated incorrect text in John’s dose scenes
  • Fixed missing image during John’s Doll Dose scene
  • John now correctly shows as being in his office after Doll dose
  • Seeing Doll John being used in his office now properly passes time
  • Fixed stats not updating after finishing ISS scene
    • Thus resolving inability to increase Diana’s corruption, for example
  • Fixed MCS-X serum events not progressing
  • Fixed some macros not functioning properly

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