Notice – Update 3.3.0 and You!

Greetings everyone!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to drop some advanced notice regarding changes coming in The Company Update 3.3.0 that everyone will need to be aware of. I’ll be repeating this over the next few weeks leading up to the update to make sure no one’s caught unaware. Nothing too scary, so let’s jump into it! Also, bear with me… I haven’t had to write an RFC for a couple years now…

Image Pack Renovation

The base image pack for The Company is getting a complete restructure as all directories get added to the new image pack system. Additionally, a much more compact MP4 version of the image pack will be put together as an option to those with browsers that support it.

Purpose – To allow a seamless transition into full image pack support while also optimizing the current, and somewhat bloated, image directory.

Who does this Affect? – Anyone who plays the local downloaded version of The Company
What do I need to Do? – With the next update, you’ll need to download the complete image pack base. An image pack update will not be made available
When do I need to do It? – When Update 3.3.0 releases at the end of June
Why do I need to do it? – The vast majority of images will no longer work in the game without the revised image pack
Anything Else? – It is recommended you delete the existing pics directory before extracting the new image pack to avoid having any unused files. To those using modern browsers, an MP4 version of the image pack will be made available which will be substantially smaller in file size than the GIF version.

Ending Save Support For Older Versions

Supports for save files from versions of The Company older than Update 3.2.1 will no longer be supported with Update 3.3.0.

Purpose – To keep the save update function clean. Updating save files from several versions ago introduces a lot of overhead, especially when checking for variables that no longer exist within the game.

Who does this Affect? – All players
What do I need to Do? – Simply load any old saves into a recent version of the game and save again
When do I need to do It? – Before the release of Update 3.3.0 towards the end of June
Why do I need to do It? – To keep your old save files functioning moving forward
Anything Else? – 99% of players will be completely unaffected by this change. So long as you’ve been playing someone regularly since last November you won’t have to do anything

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