The Company – Update 3.3.0 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.3.0

Update Summary
Update 3.3.0 focuses almost entirely on updating out-of-date backend systems that have been making forward momentum difficult, thus paving the way for future updates. Many old systems have been cleaned up and brought in line with current development practices. Additionally, a few new systems have been introduced in this update, including the new paperdoll and wardrobe, NPC outfits, and balance adjustments.

Special Notes
Update 3.3.0 officially removes save support for save files from before Update 3.2.1! If you’re sitting on a very old save from several months ago, you’ll need to load it into the most recent build and save again to update it. The majority of players will be unaffected by this change.

Content Updates

  • New MC Paperdoll models added to game
  • New wardrobe system added to game
    • Outfits are made up of sets of clothing rather than individual pieces
    • Players can select their base outfits, underwear and bras, and toys
    • Outfits can still be purchased from the mall as normal
    • This new system allows for more focused and accurate parsing of clothing, while making it easier to add new outfits in the future
    • Like image packs, outfits are entirely moddable when playing the local version of the game!
    • Wardrobe menu in room has been updated to accommodate new system
  • New NPC outfits!
    • During the game, you’ll discover a new kind of currency. Learn about it to unlock the ability to purchase alternate outfits for characters
    • Increasing characters’ Affection and Corruption stats will add new outfits to the store for those characters
    • Each character has at least 8 alternative outfits to collect
    • New outfits affect a character’s default image, portrait, and note image
    • Once unlocked, character outfits can be freely changed in the MC’s bedroom
    • These outfits are not cheap, and collecting them is designed as a type of money sink
    • John’s outfits only appear if he has been turned into Chanel
    • Read more about Corruption and Affection down in the Systems Update section
  • All characters and events now have full image pack support
    • Note and portrait images are now referenced in image packs
  • Notebook scene has been updated for efficiency
  • Many new images have been added to the game to help with variety and quality
    • This is still a major work in progress
  • All GIF images have been converted to MP4
    • Testing has been done to ensure compatibility across all supported browsers
  • New cheat!
    • EMPERORSNEWCLOTHES – All main NPCs start with “nekkid” outfit unlocked and equipped

Event Updates

  • All random events have been moved to a new event-handling system
  • Events no longer disable options due to high arousal or low dominance
  • Events now have more consistent images, locations, and stat results
    • This includes a much more uniform formatting as well as the ability to more easily track how players engaged with any given event
  • Event options can no longer reduce characters Affection
  • Events can now be much more easily tested through the debug menu
  • WorkEvent 15 allows taking Tasha’s toy even if already wearing one
  • WorkEvent 16 now requires “Very Dominant” to avoid chastity
  • WorkEvent 21 now requires “Dominant” to counter John (vs being more dominant than John)
  • WorkEvent 21 can now dodge John even if submissive
  • WorkEvent 21 now runs on the same cooldown as other events

Transformation System Updates

  • TF adjustments have been removed from most (but not all) actions
  • TF factors have been refocused on outfits and anatomy when going to sleep
  • Dominance loss when going to sleep in chastity has doubled
  • Femininity tripled and dominance loss increased when going to sleep in heavy makeup as male
  • Arousal increased when going to sleep with an anal toy as male
  • When going to sleep with a strapon as female, masculinity only increases if not identifying as “female”
  • Going to sleep dressed slutty as trans now only affect arousal
  • Growth effects of cat collar on MC have been doubled
  • Going to sleep with collar now drops dominance rapidly
  • Updated Sissy TF requirements
    • Must have very low dominance (10 or less)
    • Must be dressed feminine
    • Must be wearing makeup
    • Must have a Small or smaller penis
  • Updated Sissy Reversal TF requirements
    • Must have Neutral dominance (50 or more)
    • Must be wearing masculine clothing
    • Must not be in Chastity
  • Updated Bimbo TF requirements
    • Must have very high arousal (90 or more)
    • Must be dressed slutty
    • Must be wearing heavy makeup
    • Must have Massive breasts
  • Updated Bimbo Reversal TF requirements
    • Must be at mild arousal (40 or less)
    • Must be wearing light or lighter makeup
    • Must not be wearing slutty clothing
  • The above is only trigger the transformations, not to remain in them
  • Staying as a Sissy or Bimbo for 14+ days while having a low dominance (20 or less) will result in a permanent transformation
  • Removed Sissy Bimbo Trans state

System Updates

  • “Relationship” has been renamed “Affection”
  • Affection and Corruption now scale from 0-200 at a modified rate
    • Choosing “Easy” difficulty now also doubles stat gain rate (from 0.5x to 1.0x)
  • NPC dominance is no longer tracked or modified
  • Added year tracking to time functions
    • This is primarily to make referencing timestamps easier as the story moves into January and beyond
  • Many events previously tracked with flags now use a timestamp check to minimize variable usage
    • MCSX unlock, end of story check, etc.
  • Moved all initializing methods over to Javascript
  • Purged several more unused or unnecessary variables to speed up gameplay
  • [Local Only] – Image pack files for each character have been moved out of the character’s corresponding folders and into a new “data” folder that sits alongside the “pics” folder
  • [Local Only] – All outfit and clothing data is help in fully modifiable js files in a new “data” folder inside the main game directory
  • [Local Only] – The local image pack has been significantly (90%) reduced in size
  • [Online Only] – The online version of the game no longer references external js files, instead falling back on internal databases


  • Fixed broken “Sales” link in WorkEvent 19
  • Chastity can now be properly removed at Ash’s shop
  • Diana and Lauren should no longer overlap during Chapter 3
  • John’s events should all trigger correctly now
  • Fixed instances of Sophie not referring to the MC by name
  • Fixed several pathing and context errors

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.3.0 – Release Notes

  1. good game, but when gets the option to do something with the clerks in the mall? ever since getting a BJ from Lauren i have been looking forward to some triangles there

  2. Hey!, thanks for the update. The new outfits are fantastic and also the MP4 format is full of potential.
    Anyways, there are some GIFS from the folder “Sister”, that have been removed. ¿Its this Ok?, Do you plan to include them later?

    (Files: “sister”/pornshoot and the others)
    (“sister”/ev30-1 and the others)

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