Dev Blog #103 – There And Back Again

Greetings everyone!

Boy, feels like a while since the last devblog, huh? Well, we’re back today and I’ve got some great information to share concerning the upcoming Ava-focused update!

But First – Update 3.3.1

So, there seems to be a bug or two in the latest update… maybe three or four… hundred…

Anyway, I wanted to assure everyone that all reported issues are getting addressed and they’re getting addressed hard. MC transformation issues? Fixed. MC having two assholes? Fixed. Infinite loops in Ava’s bedroom? Fixed. My new cat? Fixed. 2016 US Presidential Elections? Okay, okay, you get the idea.

I want to give a huge thanks to the community members actively critiquing and scrutinizing the development builds as they come out. Thanks to them, I’m confident that not only with the next update fix or improve everything that’s gone a little sideways lately, but be one of the most solid updates released in a good while. I should thank everyone else playing the game as well, both for putting up with the mess that is Update 3.3.1, and also for providing detailed reporting to help get all these kinks worked out… and in…

So, thanks! Now let’s move on to the good stuff!

Back to the Shire

Working on Update 3.3.2 feels a lot like returning to your childhood home after abandoning it for the last three years. It’s all at once nostalgic, familiar, heartwarming, embarrassing, and literally barely holding together. Going back and really diving into all of Ava and Dakota’s original content is… a hard pill to swallow.

While the last update put in a lot of work getting the existing content up to date, Update 3.3.2 will be expanding on it, focusing almost entirely on Ava. Among other things, Ava will be receiving a fully realized branching serum tree, allowing you to take her down one of four different content routes and eventually landing on one of eight different endpoints. The themes for Ava’s new serum content effectively boil down to whether you want to completely corrupt her, sending her down a path of unbridled depravity, or liberate her from her own reservations, resulting in a free if not overly affectionate spirit. Many will be happy to know that only one of those four routes involves, ahem, sharing.

Each of these new serum nodes also brings with them new random and scripted events, new conversations, new mechanics, and even new outfits! Ash’s special items will also be playing a slightly more prominent role in Ava’s serum content, acting as progressing requirements for certain paths.

Of course, as is customary, expect a few other minor if not nice changes. Player transformation state updates in the sidebar are coming back, menus all popup in their own dialogue boxes now, locking your door now also affect most nighttime events, transformation requirements are getting sanded and finished, and a bunch of all nice little bonuses are in the works as well!

As for when Update 3.3.2 will drop, we’re aiming for September 3rd for backers, with a public build to drop some time after!

Lastly, August is The Company’s anniversary! As has been the case previously, I’ll be releasing a special artistic treat to all supporters as a way of thanking you for your interest and support. This year, we have a three-page comic strip shedding a little extra light on the events leading up to your fateful meeting with Ms. Dee, as well as a unique take on the characters’ designs! Expect to see that starting next week.

That’s it for this week. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

2 Comments on “Dev Blog #103 – There And Back Again

  1. Is it intended for the locking of Bimbo and Sissy TF to use a cumulative total of days spent as submissive?

    Example: spend 8 days as submissive bimbo, raise to completely dominant and transform out of bimbo. Latter in same game, become sissy, spend 6 days as sissy and now character is locked as sissy as if they had spent the required 14 days.

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