Dev Blog #104 – There is no Dev Blog Today

Greetings everyone!

This week has turned into a bit of a logistical nightmare, or to use the scientific term, it’s been one of “those” weeks. For that very vague yet all-inclusive reason, there will not be a dev blog today, so let’s just jump right into it!

School’s Out

In? I don’t know… As we now approach Week 478 of this year I find myself in the not so unique position of re-configuring my Den of Debauchery and Gate to the Smut Mines (read: home office) to also double as remote learning corner for my children. My poor doujinshi collection and Bible Black figures must now stay hidden in the closet whilst listening to me repeat “No, no, you stay out from this side of the desk!” ad nauseam. My child asks me what “ironic” means as I wrap up a passage on human trafficking is more or less what I’d expect from 2020.

My cat just peed on my wall and I’m losing control of my life.

I still need to get in today’s Pimsleur Japanese lesson before meeting with Murooka Sensai tomorrow, which is a problem since my brain can barely process Eggos right now… Oh but speaking of debugging, I think people will be pretty stoked to find that Update 3.3.2 fixes just about every issue that’s been reported so far! Ava’s ISS is now buttery smooth and actually reaches a conclusion, events are unlocking properly and executing ever properlier. More properlier? Things are shaping up nicely! I really want to thank all the dev build testers again, along with today’s sponsor…

GRR Ripper By MicroJig

Thanks to this $50 push stick, I can comfortably build caskets while maintaining my 60 WPM average. Thanks MicroJig!

Incidentally, I just learned what my average words per minute is… and also we don’t have a sponsor. If we did, it’d be Log, by Blammo!

Is Westane Okay?

Westane’s okay, maybe a little under-rested and over-stimulated from these last couple days, but he’s okay.

Update 3.3.2 is coming along very nicely with a breadth of content wide enough that I’ll actually be providing a route map with the update notes this time around. The planned release date is also still set for September 3rd for backers and we’ve even managed to slip a few additions into this update that should please a lot of people, particular those experiencing image-related issues when playing on Safari.

I’m hoping that this time next week I’ll be buried under less work enough to actually give a coherent development update, though last week more or less covered the extent of update.

Anyway, my office is mine again so it’s back to the Mines for me! Thank you all for your continued feedback and support, and I can’t wait to share all of Ava’s new content with everyone!

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