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    • A lot of things are kind of in motion with this update, so if something isn’t working in the way you think it probably should then please report it as a few of these developments are still developing. That said, nothing should be “horribly broken” probably
    • Added Ava’s “Go Hunting” serum event
      • Requires “Touch” serum route been taken
      • This route opens up content involving sharing Ava with others
      • This serum opens two new conversations, and a new random event that changes if Ava is collared
    • Added Ava’s “Dommy Mommy” serum event
      • Opens up after “Free Love” serum, requires MCS-3
      • Currently, this serum only affects Ava’s morning visits content
      • Additional content is still being added for this serum
    • Opened up Ava’s “Lover” serum event
      • Opens up after “Morning Wood” serum, requires MCS-3
      • Additional content and scene variations are still be developed for this serum
    • Ava’s “Threesome” serum event now requires Dakota be dosed for sex
      • Existing saves that already unlocked this event won’t be affected
    • Ava’s morning visit events have been modified
      • Sex events are now much less dominant unless she’s been dosed to be dominant
      • Non-dominant lesbian variation is now a tribbing scene rather than using a strapon
    • Strange Strapon now unlocks exclusively during Ava’s “Touch” route
      • It will become available for $10,000 after dosing her to hunt for partners or to masturbate around the house
      • If you’re not on either of those routes, the item will be removed and Ava will be reverted
      • Breadcrumb scenes will be added moving forward to direct players towards the shop once the item becomes available
    • Fixed Chanel’s “ride-player” image
    • Fixed arousal check for Penny and Tasha during “Penny and Tasha” random event
    • Fixed AddConvo errors for new events
    • Fixed “TV With Ava” macro error
    • Fixed Ava’s ISS routing after Morning Wood dose
    • Fixed sliders for Ava and Dakota’s affection in debug menu… possibly…
Coming Soon to Dev Build…
  • Continue implementing Ava’s new serum events
  • Add new HQ images for Ava and other characters

3 Comments on “Dev Build –

  1. please make the strange strapon available on the dom mom route or make it a special event, it make more sense than the touch route, I mean mom cant cum unless you touch her and she growth a dick

  2. Been playing the Dev build. Did most of the Ava stuff, including giving her the Strap-On from the Adult Store.
    Cannot get the Dommy Mommy path to kick in. Tried the making her go out and find people potion but it would not ‘take – but even after 5 times of trying that route over and over (kept giving me the option) – nothing different happened.
    Would up going back to the Masturbating all around the house potion instead.

    Did not find any other glaring issues. Nice job, and fun!

  3. I was playing it online and suddenly turned into a error 404… I guess its because you are uploading the .8 but, how long will it take for the online version to be available again?

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