The Company – Update 3.3.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.3.2

Update Summary
Update 3.3.2 focuses on fleshing out and expanding Ava’s serum-related content at home. Existing content has been shuffled around and moved into exclusive routes, while new content has been added to fill in the gaps. As this update makes extreme modifications to Ava’s content routes it is highly advised to start a new game if you’ve already started dosing Ava in your current save. Otherwise, expect things to get… weird.

Ava’s Serum Route Guide

  • You can find Ava’s serum route guide HERE. Note that some content will not be available until a future update, once the main story has progressed further.

Content Updates

  • You will be able to dose Ava all the way up through her MCS-3 content
    • This encompasses all content previously in the game
  • Ava’s serum paths will now split at specific junctions, breaking off into exclusive content paths
  • Dosing Ava so she can’t cum unless you’re touching her will send her down a more “corruption” based serum path
    • This includes options for sharing her with strangers, or keeping her for yourself and mentally degrading her
    • The Strange Strapon is now exclusive for this route
  • Dosing Ava to kiss you in the morning sends her down a more “loving” route of self discovering
    • This includes options for nudism, and interactions with Dakota
    • This is a good route for a more loving relationship with Ava… so long as you meet her needs!
  • The Cat Collar is still available as normal
  • You will receive notifications in the morning with the Cat Collar or Strange Strapon are available (or relevant to progression) at Ash’s shop
  • Several new events and conversations have been added to accompany new serum options
  • Several scenes have been given variations to go with new serum options
  • Added a dialogue stipulation in Ava’s “Go Hunting” dose event that notes her ability to find release with strangers. Continuity!
  • On any day you would have the “Skip to Night” option in your room, you may now also “Skip Work” from the living room to skip from Morning or Late Morning to the Evening
  • Random events once again restrict/force certain options based on MC’s arousal or dominance
    • This is now more clearly defined through labeled buttons
  • Many of Ava and Dakota’s images have been replaced with HQ updates

System Updates

  • Several functions have been created or optimized to better handle gender and anatomy recognition and handling, as well as transformation handling
  • Changed how gender and anatomy is recognized in-game
    • A baseline gender value now dictates what genitals the MC should have rather than the other way around
    • This should eliminate most if not all instances of having/not having things you should/shouldn’t have
  • Sissy and Bimbo TF’s now require you meet their respective criteria for multiple days before triggering
    • For every day you spend where you “could” trigger one of those TF’s, a counter will increase
    • For every day you don’t meet those criteria, the counter will decrease
    • If the counter reaches a certain value (default 5) the TF will trigger
  • Permanent Transformations and cancellations are affected by the above system
    • The counter will continue to increase for every day you meet the TF criteria
    • If the counter reaches a certain value (default 20) the TF will become permanent
    • If the counter returns to zero and cancellation requirements are met, the TF will be reverted
  • Sissy TF requirements update:
    • Now requires 20 or less dominance up from 10
    • Now requires Medium or smaller penis, up from Small or smaller
  • Trans TF now requires MC to explicitly identify as trans
  • Gender identification during custom character creation should now work a little more consistently
  • Locking your door now also disables most nighttime events
  • Restart button moved to top of sidebar, under saves
  • Default Save/Restart buttons removed from bottom of sidebar
  • All menu items have been converted to popup windows for your convenience
  • Sidebar now displays an indicator when you are veering towards a Sissy or Bimbo transformation


  • Fixed routing issues in Ava’s ISS
  • Fixed several transformation issues
  • Fixed StraponOrCock widget errors
  • Fixed various random events not appearing correctly
  • Fixed various missing images
  • Wearing a chastity device now correctly causes penis to shrink overnight

17 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.3.2 – Release Notes

  1. Im loving this game, i have a question tho… Is it possible thatbin the future Ash would be able to react to the player wearing the cat collar? It would make sense that she at least comments about it, right?

  2. “Dosing Ava so she can’t cum unless you’re touching her will send her down a more “corruption” based serum path
    The Strange Strapon is now exclusive for this route”

    “Dosing Ava to kiss you in the morning sends her down a more “loving” route of self discovering
    This includes options for nudism, and interactions with Dakota”

    Does this mean futa Ava will no longer be able to impregnate Dakota? Because that interaction was one of my favorites.

    • I had thr same question and de ided to check the average time it takes from backer release to public release and its about 1 week… So, it would probably be up close to this saturday i think…

      I just took the average times tho… So, ir could be a bit mire or a bit less i guess

  3. It seems like if you dose Ava to the corruption path, then to masturbate you can only proceed further by giving her the strap-on. Is this correct?

    If so, why? What stops the MC from just giving her a cat collar to lead to the maid path, or pushing her too far and causing the domination path? It’s strange to have that path exclusively involve giving her a dick, as someone who just is not into that stuff.

  4. Also are there any plans to allow player to force ava and dakota again? I mean we’re playing a game where we mind control people anyways.

  5. Damn, i love this game but hate being poor 😭… I wish i could be a patreon just to see how its going ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ive been experimenting with the serum routes at the job and noticed many stop at the mcs-2 level or even if they go further it looks like its not “going all the way” and was wondering if there are plans to continue them?

    I felt that way with tasha, lab rat penny and the boss… But maybe its just that in comparison to john and ava they affect much less interactions in a meaningfull way?

  6. Also, i wish tasha would have more interactions at her home too… And maybe take advantage of the player if you made her dom john but you are a sissy or very submissive… Leave the mc ass a mess first thing in the morning 😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. Is the new set of requirements something you’re committed to, or would you consider adjusting it to make the trigger easier to achieve in a future build? I rather enjoyed how fluid the MC’s identity was in the previous build.

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