Dev Blog #107 – Just Dakota Things

Greetings everyone!

Today’s dev blog is gonna be a quickie since we’re in the middle of crunch time and there’s really not a whole lot to talk about at the moment that wasn’t discussed last week. Never hurts to touch base, though!

Update 3.3.3 Repeating

Dakota’s update is en route to being completed within the next week or two! While I’m shooting for an October 1st release date I’m not quite ready to commit to that just yet.

This update is going to be doing a lot to round out Dakota’s content with new scenes, more complete serum paths, and even a couple completely new interactions for those interested in pet play or camming. Dakota’s current placeholder bedroom visit scene will also be getting replaced with a proper ISS, similar to Ava’s, and will account for Dakota’s new serum options as well. Finally, this update will go a long way in smoothing out Ava’s content, as well as the transformation system! I’m also working to address all reported issues from Update 3.3.2 in this update, and that’s coming along nicely as well. All in all, I feel like this is a much “tighter” content update than recent releases, and if all goes well it’s one I plan on emulating moving forward.

In any case, I’ll be keeping everyone up to date with the release schedule as it becomes more set in stone.

That’s… really all there is to say this week in terms of Dakota’s update! Good news is good, and also a little boring, so, there you go! In terms of Company-Adjacent news, I finally have an iOS device to test compatibility on, so hopefully that should be less of an issue moving forward. There’s still a feedback survey planned for the near future, and next month is still set to kick off the Chapter 4 updates.

That’s it for this week, told you it’d be a small one! Stay safe, and as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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