The Company – Update 3.3.3 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 3.3.3

Update Summary
Update 3.3.3 focuses on streamlining and filling out Dakota’s current content avenues, while also adding in a number of new scenes and interactions. This update also reinstates all the previous Ava content that went missing in the previous update, while also smoothing out and slightly homogenizing Ava’s content unlocks.

Due to the much more condensed nature of Dakota’s serum route (compared to Ava’s) there are no plans to release a route map at this time. Get out there and experiment!

Content Updates

  • Dakota now has two distinct serum routes, “Dom” and “Loving”
    • Choose the “Tease” serum to initiate the Dom route
    • Choose the “Masturbate” serum to initiate the Loving route
    • New static events and event variations have been added throughout her serum routes
  • You will have one opportunity during each path to jump to the other instead
  • Dakota now has a proper Interactive Sex Scene when you visit her at night
    • Different options during the event will be made available as you progress further down her serum routes
  • Dakota’s MCS-X endings have been slightly reworked
    • Each MCS-X option is now exclusive to one of Dakota’s new routes
    • Prior to the MCS-X tier, there is now a new MCS-3 option that will add partial content from the MCS-X serums without actually triggering a bad end for Dakota
    • Loving Dakota can become a budding camgirl, happy to pay your management fees
    • Dom Dakota can really embrace her new Alpha Bitch persona, taking on some canine qualities without completely going off the deep end
  • Many of Ava’s serum events now unlock content from her other routes
    • This should make her spread of content feel more dense, while also reintroducing past concepts like Futa Dom Ava

System Updates

  • The transformation system took a long look in the mirror and no longer recognized itself. Having come to terms with self-destructive path it found itself going down, it reached out to friends, family, and professions and get itself back on the road to recovery. The transformation system is still working through some things, but is now much more in line with its original design, offering much more intuitive and fluid transformation paths
    • No details on how the new system works, as the idea is that it should now “just work”
    • Previous TF guidelines are no longer wholly reliable
  • All transformations (not just Sissy and Bimbo) now have feedback indicators in the sidebar when you’re working towards a specific TF
  • Dakota’s serum handling is now managed by the new backend, same as Ava and John


  • Anally-induced pregnancy should no longer be possible
  • Fixed Penny not showing up as an option for October Saturday date event
  • Fixed Penny’s sissy reversal serum event not working during lab sex event
  • Fixed issue with name changes not being recognized
  • Fixed formatting issues in “Help Penny with Materials” work event
  • Fixed incorrect image call for Penny
  • Fixed broken link for HomeEvent-12
  • Fixed issue with NPC’s ability to remember aspects of MC under certain conditions
  • Fixed various other text/spelling/formatting errors

17 Comments on “The Company – Update 3.3.3 – Release Notes

  1. I’m excited to check out the changes! Is there a scheduled release date? (Links for online and downloadable versions both point to version 3.3.2 as of this comment)

  2. Its interesting to see how Dakota’s MCS-X content in being integrated, as I’ve always felt that their loving/domm relation should be flipped. At least, that how it always seemed to be presented up to this point, with domm Dakota relegating you to the sidelines as one of the many guys she fucks/masturbates to her in her aspiring camgirl career, and being a generally submissive bitch when she takes on the doggo persona. Still, as… “refreshing” as the recent changes have been, I’m very excited to actually get to play through it all, as usual. Though I am nevertheless glad I’ve kept old builds downloaded.

    • On the flipside, maybe down the line with Alpha Bitch wolf-girl Dakota, since we’re eventually getting Catgirl Ava, maybe, just maybe, she’ll get a dog cock, and we can finally have futa-Dakota domm us, and fulfill all my degenerate dreams, complete with some knotting action. I can dream…

  3. I’m stuck on the Dom Dakota route. I’ve dosed her to act more open with other people, but I can’t seem to progress beyond that. If I try to dose her again, I get “I should try seeing how the recent serum experiment plays out before trying to go further with Dakota” and I can’t figure out what to do. Is this the end of this route?

  4. In this new version, either route reaches a point where you have to witness a random event related to your latest dosage to progress further. Once you’ve done that, the serum route progresses normally.

    In the Dom route, you’re at the point where you have to see Dakota being sexually open with others, so you have to get the event where you see her with her boyfriend.

    In the Lover route, you reach a point where you have to see her deepen your relationship (or some wording like that), so you have to trigger the event where Dakota forces you to take her to the movies, which becomes a romantic date.

    I used Debug Mode to trigger those events, so I don’t know how reliably they spawn in a normal game.

  5. I did some playtesting just now and it turns out the boyfriend event is the ONLY trigger right now; none of Dakota’s other partners do anything.

    Seeing her with webcam girl does nothing. Veruca confirming that Dakota does escort work does nothing. Dosing Ava to the point Dakota will participate in threesomes and orgies with her – even with Ava impregnating Dakota – does nothing. Even if the event triggers and you walk away, THAT does nothing.

    You have to activate this one specific scene and watch it play out to progress further in Dakota’s Dom route.

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