Dev Blog #116 – Kicking Off the Decade

Greetings everyone!

So, tomorrow’s the first day of 2021, that means everything just, like, “gets better” now, right? Like, right at midnight? Awesome! Phew, was a little worried there for a second…

Not Really A Dev Blog

To be honest it was either this little quickie or me telling everyone there wouldn’t be a dev blog today. I thought this was the better option, not to mention the fact that there was sort of supposed to be an update possibly released today maybe. So about that!

Well the TL;DR is simply that in addition to all the other nonsense I’m dealing with in life right now, the holidays decided to happen as well! I was kind of hoping they’d just cancel Christmas this year, but, what can you do? Unfortunately, my reality is currently making release dates about as accurate as weather forecasts, which is problematic for both me and all of you. So in light of that, I’m currently planning to further break up the update somewhat.

Currently, I’m working through Sophie’s new ISS scene, allowing for “complete” interactivity with everyone’s favorite supervisor. This comes in addition to the new text messaging system, new story events, and four new random office events involving Diana and Ms. Ann. Once Sophie’s ISS is completely complete, as well as the incoming dialogue for the text messaging system, that will put the update at a pretty reasonable release point. So, rather than make everyone wait for the rest of the planned content for Update 4.0 I’ll instead be releasing the update “as is” in early/mid January, allowing everyone to check out the new features and content while development continues forward as normal.

I think it’s a good compromise, and I hope it works out for everyone!

On that note, my number one goal going into next year is simply to make it a better one. More productivity, more game, more content, more community. 2020 has been a shitshow all its own, but I wasn’t expecting as much personal impact as I’ve taken on over the last 365 days. I wanted to thank everyone one last time as we go into the new year. Without the support of this amazing community there’s no way The Company would be what it is today. Thank you all! Oh, and as one last little treat…

Diana will be waiting for you all in 2021!

See you all next year!

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