The Company – Update 4.0.0 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.0

Update Summary
Update 4.0 focuses moving the game into Chapter 4, while also establishing and expanding upon new and existing systems. This should be viewed as a partial update of a much larger update cycle.

Content Updates

  • Story events have been added through November 13th in-game
    • Loading games with dates past November 6th will be reset to November 6th
    • There should not be any progression lost through this reset
  • New random events added for Diana
    • Addition of these events are contingent on how you decide to react to her when she returns to the office in November
  • New random events added for Ms. Ann
  • Introduction of new interactivity in The Pit
    • Craig will take you on a little tour of The Pit post Chapter 3 events, hinting at a future system!
    • The system is not yet implemented, and will be coming in a future update
  • New interactive sex scene (ISS) has been added for Sophie!
    • In November, so long as Sophie has been dosed at least once prior, you will unlock her condo as a new location
    • Every few days you’ll have the option to go home with Sophie
    • Sophie has received new images for her new content!
  • Dakota’s MCS-3 unlock requirements for Dom route have been updated slightly. You can now manually trigger the Jack event after appropriately dosing Dakota to be slutty by visiting her room during the weekend in the afternoon. Triggering the scene randomly still works as well. Once the scene has been witnessed once, randomly or manually, it can no longer be manually triggered

System Updates

  • New texting system added to the game!
    • This is a new way to pass time by sending messages to characters who’s contact info you’ve unlocked
    • The system is currently limited to Ava, Dakota, and Penny, and will be expanded to more characters moving forward
    • New random images and dialogue will be added moving forward as well!
  • [LOCAL] Ms. Ann (Lisa) now has her own imgLisa.js manifest file


  • Rerouted Sophie’s office sex scene if on feminization route
  • To be considered “dating” Penny and Tasha now requires 30 Affection, down from 70
  • Dakota’s webcam followup event should now trigger more consistently
    • Now only triggers on Sunday, Early Afternoon, in the Living Room
  • Dakota and Tasha’s evening scene should now trigger less frequently
  • Fixed several dialogue/pronoun recognition errors
  • Fixed several event option restriction errors
  • Fixed possibility for MCS-2 to not be properly unlocked
  • Fixed various event flow issues for Ava and Dakota’s ISS events

7 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.0.0 – Release Notes

  1. when the event that starts the feminization path happens, it says something that hints to a possible event in the toilets… will that be added in this or some other update?

    cant wait to try it!

  2. Can we get a chad route in addition to bimbo and sissy routes. I feel like it would add more depth to dom route. Maybe give us an option to become an asshole like John?

  3. Probably when they ditch the shitty ISS scenes. So probably never. Game went from good, to almost as though feminized / Social Justice Retards were the hired help making it.

  4. When will we have the option to remove Tashas dìck? Surely it can be done as John can be changed transformed into a chick and then knocked up, so why not Tasha removing the dick?

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