The Company – Update 4.0.0 – Backer Release

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13 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.0.0 – Backer Release

  1. Hi,
    save games can not be loaded. If i’ll try, the following message pops up:

    The save you’re attempting to load is no longer compatible with the current game. Please download the latest version of The Company, or start a new game.

  2. I have the same problem, tested the following save and reload the save,
    did this a few times, the Save from version 3.3.3 before going in to chapter 2 was working ok.

  3. Getting the same error message when I try to load a saved game that began with this version.

    I’m no longer seeing the error that caused the gifs to fail to load, so it’s got that going for it.

  4. Same as above. Tried giving Saya different answers to see if it makes a difference, started with and without cheat options. Same result. Autosave and manual saving both add entries but nothing is loadable.

    Something else: There is lots of animated imagery both in GIF as well as MP4 format. Seems like someone wanted to reduce the archive size by dropping GIFs in favor of MP4s. Appreciated. But then leave out the GIFs please. 8)

  5. Love the game, and how it is evolving.
    However, sadly I have the same problem in that version 4.0 seems to be incompatible the Save / Load system.
    So, while it can be played, and saved, it cannot be reloaded either from the save screen nor from the save to (load from) disc,
    This is a serious issue considering the length of the game.

    • Sorry Soul, but it seems you are accessing the game via this site, where it has been put back to 3.3.3 but version 4.0 which I am playing via LewdSpot still has the problem with loading as of a few minutes ago or 21:16 GMT (UK Time).

        • I discovered the game through, but wasn’t aware that they were hosting it without authorization. I won’t play it there again. Sorry!

      • Thought I was playing version 4 here considering I had access to Sophie’s Condo which is listed as one of the 4.0 additions

  6. Ah, a trap release. Well, I stumbles over a version 4 on some adult games site and decided to have a look after a long abstinence from TC. Since I don’t see substantial improvement (In fact, it gets worse IMHO), it has already been deleted again anyway. More time for Girl Life. 😛

    BTW, we both know that the “bug” can be removed by deleting three lines, right? 😉

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