Dev Blog #119 – November Rain

Greetings everyone!

Update 4.0 is officially out in the wild and… yep… it sure is! Today we’ll be taking some time to talk about the state of the recent update as well as where the next one is headed!

Update 4.0 – There and Back Again

All in all I’m pretty happy with the general stability of the latest update, as long as we all ignore that little save game issue from the first backer build, *cough*. That said, there have still been a few issues that have come to light since the release, and they’re enough that I’ll be releasing a bugfix build most likely this Friday. Among other things, this small update will be allowing for Diana’s new scenes to unlock correctly.

That being said, work on Update 4.0.1 is already underway! New story events are being written and mechanics introduced in Update 4.0.0 are being expanded. Those in the Administrative Specialist tier should expect to see dev builds drop early next week, pushing the story further into November. This update is expected to introduce a new large date event, similar to the one in October, with everything ultimately culminating in a large Thanksgiving event featuring the community created character, Mako! This will be a multi-day event that will function much in the same way as the visit to Company HQ did, and will offer up plenty of opportunities for you, Ava, Dakota, and Mako to get into all manner of mischief!

Under the hood, we’re looking at laying the mechanical groundwork for the new Pit system. This will give players a new measure of control over characters who have been sent to The Pit, and should appeal to those who miss the old ISS system as well as those looking for a, ahem, sadistic outlet for their interests. I really don’t have any details to share about this system at the moment, but it’s probably worth mentioning that I’ve been playing a LOT of FreeCities lately…

Anyway, that about wraps up today’s devblog. Everyone should expect to see a bugfix build dropping fairly soon, within the next day or so, and it will show as Update 4.0, Build 4.000003. I’d like to thank you all for your continued feedback and support, and I can’t wait to share more of what’s to come in the next release!

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