Dev Blog #122 – Burning the Midnight Shisha

Greetings Everyone!

Today’s devblog is going to be a short one as I work through the remaining update content, so let’s jump in!

Journey to Thanksgiving

The main initiative for Update 4.0.1 is going to be the big new Saturday date event which is what’s currently being actively worked on. Players will get a nice solid scene with one of a few different potential characters depending on who you’ve been spending you time with thus far. This will be the last major event in the main story prior to the Thanksgiving event, which will be added in Update 4.0.2, wrapping up Chapter 4 – Part 1.

As a reminder, this event will allow for potential engagement with Tasha, Penny, Chris, Sophie, and/or Ava. Candidates will only appear under certain conditions, and you’ll only be able to spend your day(s) with one of them. Each event will be a little larger than your typical event, and will in most cases allow you the option of spending the night with your partner of choice! This event will trigger on November 21st, putting the chapter through to November 22nd.

Other than that, we’re looking at addressing various issues reported from Update 4.0 while also tightening up existing content. The intention is still to get Update 4.0.1 out around the end of the month, with Update 4.0.2 releasing not too long after.

That’s it for this week. As always, thank you to everyone for your continued feedback and support!

11 Comments on “Dev Blog #122 – Burning the Midnight Shisha

  1. while I would prefer for the creator to concentrate on the current most important features in order to fulfill his vision of the game, the feature of dosing Chanel is something I could imagine being in the backlog.
    In any case, Westane has a vision and it seems he will see it through to the end but always listens to feedback.

  2. First of all: this game is awesome, I really appreciate all of the work you put into it!

    “potential engagement with Tasha, Penny, Chris, Sophie, and/or Ava”

    I’m disappointed not to see Dakota in this list, she’s my favorite character.

    But, I’m sure you know what you’re doing, so I look forward to what you’ve come up with!

  3. While loving all the various story-lines, I would be interested in more Dom John, as well as Domme Penny and Domme Diana (especially in non- Dom John run throughs).

    At the moment there is a MCS domme path for Penny but it does not go any where yet, as far as I can see.
    And yes, Diana does become Domme under Dom John, and there are a few dom scenes availabke with her outside of Dom John, I would love to see her have a Domme path of her own though (since this side of her is often insinuated).

  4. So after some searching for a game like this this is the best example I could find (novel/adventuure style). And again, so far I havent found anything even close to as good as this. Found this quite addictive, and for a free (?) game especially of its type. Just excellent. More of everything please.

    My curiosity forwards two questions and some thoughts about the game.

    The pictures and videos are slightly varied in quality and consistency. I was actually imagining alternatives that were tighter in quality and consistency and how easy it would be to switch some for content I’ve selected. I assume copyright is a/the issue on this front ? Having played through the game upto chapter 3 several times now,

    I couldnt help but imagine photo and video shoots specifically for the characters youve created, all performed by the same actor at roughly the same time. Dare I say with customisations made during the game to characters (shoes, underwear, hairstyles). I’m not actually suggesting serious effort should go in this direction, more idly sharing thoughts I had whilst playing.

    The idea of being able to customise the characters like that and have them represented in important scenes in the photos is pretty darned appealing to me

    The one other idea that stood out to me whilst playing was some speech from the characters. Voices (possibly with an alternative) would also add a lot of flavour for the characters and would likely be easier/cheaper to get added than higher quality/consistency photos.

    Is this a labour of love ? I cant find any kind of monetization. I actually think this is currently worth some money, I wont say an amount but its definitely worth something. I notice the blogs going back years.

    Speaking for myself I believe, and hope that there would be a market for games like this. Without wishing to see generic reproductions, I’d be very happy if I could magic into existence another 3 games similar to this with different stories

  5. there’s a question in my mind can u use the cat collar on anyone besides ava? I played this game 3-4 times but still can’t

    • You’ll get a message on your phone when you can use it on Ava (“Someone in your life is too horny!”) and you can always use it on yourself.

        • The option to use it on Ava occurs when you join her in the kitchen an Friday, Saturday or Sunday mornings.
          You are, as you know, asked if you ‘Give her the collar’.

          If you are sufficiently Submissive, you will, when you try to give her the collar get instead a bit of blurb before you find yourself wearing the collar, after which you will become even more submissive and slutty.

          The key element is how submissive you are when you present the collar to Ava.
          So, if you want your MC to wear the collar, make and keep them very submissive.
          Okay. 🙂

    • Have played through lots of times, and only ever have the option to give it to Ava, though if you are too submissive you end up wearing it yourself.

      I do not mind overly much, though would love to be able to collar others.
      There are also a couple of others I would love to be able to give the Special Strap-on to, at the moment the only possible recipient is Ava, but several ladies sometimes use strap-ons when acting dominant (Sophie, Penny, Diana and Dakota).

      And it has been hinted at previously, but would also love there to be more interaction with the shop ladies, and Chris.

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