The Company – Update 4.0.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.0.1

Update Summary
Update 4.0.1 focuses on moving the Chapter 4 story along while also adding some additional content to established characters. This should be viewed as a partial update of a much larger update cycle.

Content Updates

  • Story events have been added through November 18th in-game
    • Loading games with dates past November 12th will be reset to November 12th
    • There should not be any progression lost through this reset
  • Once Ava has been appropriately dosed, you’ll (once again) have the option to fool around with her in the kitchen before work in the mornings
  • A new large date event has been added for Tasha on November 18th. This requires you to have at least 30 Affection with Tasha

System Updates

  • Added completion indicator to Tasks in sidebar
  • Sleeping in the game has been slightly streamlined


  • Game will now recognize if you’ve somehow ended up at the office on a weekend

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