Dev Blog #125 – Catgirl Maids

Greetings everyone!

I needed a title for today’s dev blog. I’m looking around my office, wondering how the hell it got to be as messy as it is, anxiety building… The cat starts meowing at me on my (also messy) desk for attention… My first thought, naturally, is “Why can’t you turn into a catgirl maid and clean my office?”. And here we are. Scene.

More Pit Progress

Progress on the new pit system is moving along quite nicely, with the current focus being on serum implementation. Starting with this update, the special serums unlocked for story events throughout the game will remain unlocked and craftable after the associated events conclude! Once The Pit is unlocked, you’ll be able to finally put these serums to use and monitor their effects on your, um, “guests”. Use your MCS supply to make your guests more compliant and less afraid, use your BMB serums to increase arousal and physical malleability at the cost of intelligence. Your TFM serums will have different effects with different people, furry fans take notice! The all-powerful CMD serum will be able to shortcut the subjugation process, but at the cost of locking out various other options and a somewhat… robotic outcome.

There’s a bit more content to be added on top of that, including sales and acquisition systems, and at the rate things are moving I’m aiming for an end of May release for backers, though the first week or so of June is more likely. As always, you’ll be kept in the know.

Once Update 4.0.2 is released, we’ll be moving straight on to the next update which will be focusing exclusively on Chapter 4 story content!

That’s it for this week. Administrative Assistants should expect to see at least one (if not two) more dev builds before the end of the week, and as always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

2 Comments on “Dev Blog #125 – Catgirl Maids

  1. Furry content is a plus, esp if the player can get some transformations too. i know not everyone wants full body fur and digitigrade feet, but i like it when i can get it. otherwise, a catgirl is fine too.
    looking forward to the new release.

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