The Company – Update 4.0.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.0.2

Update Summary
Update 4.0.2 focuses on adding a new interactive slave system to The Pit, giving players a new option for spending their time and resources

Content Updates
  • Loading games from farther than November 12th will reset the date to November 12th
  • After the event with Craig early on in Chapter 4, you will unlock access to The Pit’s training area, where you will be able to spend time modifying, training, and interacting with your own personal test subjects!
  • You’ll start with one slave, two if you completed Penny’s task from Chapter 3
System Updates
  • The Pit’s training area has been added to the game
  • You’ll be able to experiment on slaves in The Pit using serums, physical modifications, and interactive training
  • New slaves can be purchased from Craig for $35,000 and one slave can be sold every couple of days
  • Value of slaves is based on several factors, including a “trending” factor that can change every Sunday
  • Your interactions with your slaves will vary based on how you’ve decided to manage them
  • This system is very new and will absolutely be going through some finetuning based on community feedback!
  • TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 will now remain unlocked after unlocking them
  • TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 serums can now be sold for profit after unlocking the ability to sell MCS-3 serums
  • Tightened up event flow to avoid skipping Company HQ trip
  • Fixed several issues and inconsistencies with action tracking and checks
  • Fixed various inconsistencies with character location feedback
  • Fixed broken imaged with Dakota’s camgirl events
  • Fixed issue preventing Chanel’s date event from triggering
  • Fixed pathing issues in Diana and Ava ISS events
  • Fixed minor issues in Tasha’s Company HQ and Daytrip scenes

4 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.0.2 – Release Notes

  1. Is there going to be any storyline paths if the TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1 are given to someone or is that a work in progress still?

    • This – it would be great if we are given the opportunity to fix Tasha’s little problem and / or if Dom John doses Tasha to fix it.

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