The Company – Update 4.0.2 – Public Release

Update 4.0.2 has been officially released! Confused about the update number? Check out THIS post explaining the change!

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Download – The Company – Update 4.0.2 Complete – (Contains all game and image/data files)

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9 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.0.2 – Public Release

    • You can start male, female or trans.
      You can identify as any of the 3, even chose to identify as one your character is not.
      Wearing the right clothes, making breast / genital enhancers or degeneraters and acting in certain ways will effect femininity and masculinity.
      Over time this will make you male or female.
      The speed, and in deed the effect change is determined during the dream sequences early on – Slow / Default / Fast transformation, Allow forced or allow blocking forced change.
      If the character hits a point of femininity/masculinity where change can happen you get a dream-image and usually a choice to accept or reject the dream image. Though if you are to far gone elsewhere you cannot resist the change.
      It’s all just a matter of playing, making choices and seeing what happens.
      So, just have fun with it.
      Keep playing again and again to see what you can do.

  1. @S.:
    The event with Craig happens on November 8th. If you had a savegame later than November 12th, the date is reset to the 12th of November, but that means that you’ll never get the event to unlock the pit. If you don’t mind that you might break something doing this, you can manually alter the date of your save while ingame.

    At least in Firefox, what you do is right click in your browser and press inspect. Then you go to the console tab, and enter the following two lines, without the quotation marks: “ = 11” and “ = 7”.

    This will set your date to the day before the event. Simply going to bed and to the company the next day will allow it to fire.

    Other than that, I’ve noticed a bug in the slave transformation in the pit, more specifically the animal transformation, at the point where the slave develops a tail. This seems to be caused by this specific line:
    “lt;<run addSlaveTrait($pitSlaves[$],"tail",$aSlave.animal>>\”

    Replacing that line with:
    “<<run addSlaveTrait($,"tail",$aSlave.animal)>>\”
    fixes the problem. Since only the 4th transformation had “$pitSlaves[$]”, and all other transformations had “$”, it seems to be a leftover from changing the way the transformations are coded.

  2. Is it possible you could change Dakota’s character or give the option to change the pornstar associated with her character out of respect for her?

  3. Damn, I didn’t even knew that happened… Might I suggest Riley Reid I guess for that? and while we’re at it, it wouldn’t be bad to have different porn star options for the characters, like Sophie for example, yeah she looks good in a suit and everything, but I saw her online before playing the game and know for a fact she’s like this squeaky voice, dummy girl, but then you have Angela White which is really similar to her visually although she can play the role of the head of The Company better

  4. Been playing the game and it’s really great but if there were more descriptions or more way to show the transformation happening would be nice, not like a liquid thrown at you then you turned immediately. Or is it due to the transformation speed I picked?

  5. Hi,

    Found this game recently. Looks like fun. Exploring different branches and combinations. I am playing the public version, so perhaps some of my comments might have been addressed in the dev releases.

    [spoiler alert]

    It could be fun to be able to refuse the employment in the beginning. It does not have to be G/O right the way, however. In the first stage MC could be reduced to sissy and get into the Company. If you still wanna leave perhaps your family members could be involved and perhaps be set on another development branch altogether.

    I really hope there is a solution to get out of chastity / get you man working again in “Owned by Dee” branch. It could be something devious :-).

    I discovered a BIMBO status … quite fun, actually. I even managed to change to TS BIMBO … However, at some point I got a message that I am stuck in here forever … something about messing up my brain :-). Any way out?

    I wonder if there could be some “uncertainty” in the game. At some point one learns which actions trigger desirable effects (more/less dominance, more/less fem/masc, etc.). There could be some wild-card actions that could throw a wrench in there. Perhaps in the Pit area. There could be a room with training in progress (perhaps Julia could run it sometimes during the day). When entered, random action takes place — it could min/max dominance or even forced immediate transformation. Since this is a random action I would stick to reversible effects.

    Any way to get abortions? In the game, of course … I managed to get pregnant despite contraception since Ava’s sperm (with strange strap-on and meds was very potent). This, of course, locks female character …

    Discovered a bug in save/load action on mobile device. I saved game, presumably after sending text to Ava. I reloaded the save which took me back to the same day segment. The message was shown as sent, but reply was never received and it ALWAYS shown as sent in all days that followed …

    At any rate, keep up the good work … looking forward to seeing more content soon …


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