Dev Blog #127 – Less is More

Greetings everyone!

Today’s post is going to be short and bittersweet, with little to do with actual game development. That being said, let’s just right in!

Eyes Towards the Skye

As many but not all of you are aware, there was some tragic news recently that has had an impact on our particular demographic. I’m terrible at condolences, but her passing, as well as the surrounding circumstances, were truly terrible, and my heart goes out to those she leaves behind. The next question, then, is how does this impact The Company.

Firstly, let me say this: Here is not the forum to discuss your opinions on the matter, and you can expect them to be heavily moderated in the comments section. If you do have an opinion, and everyone is welcome to one, please take it to the official Discord, in the Game Discussion channel. Secondly, while there are good arguments on both sides of the fence, my intention for the time being is to continue as normal without making any immediate changes to the game. There are always factors that may impact this moving forward, but for now this is my decision. For anyone who is uncomfortable with the actress remaining in the game, I highly encourage you to check out user-made image packs which can also be found in the Discord. This applies to all main characters in the game. While I have no intentions of making model selections a thing in the game, the community has gone a looooooooong way in allowing for certain levels of choice in this regard!

Thanksgiving Content

Moving on, after tallying up and weighing all the votes in last week’s polls, Elsa was chosen as the new character being added for the big Thanksgiving event. I’ve already started writing for this character and it’s honestly been a lot of fun! There’s plenty more to share, but I’ll save that for the next big devblog. Speaking of which…

Developing Dev Blogs

I’ve made the decision to dial back on dev blogs. For a long time now, I’ve been making it a point to post something akin to a progress report every Thursday as a way to, if nothing else, ensure the community that I’m alive and development is moving forward. The problem is, at that frequency there’s a tendency for these reports to devolve into “Yep, I’m still working on the thing I said I’ve been working on for the last two weeks… <insert joke here>…” and I just don’t see the value in that.

For that reason, I’m going to try moving to posting 1-2 meaningful development posts per month. This way, there’s actually going to be fun and interesting things to share, and we can start looking at ways to use those time slots to do more community activities. This won’t have an impact on any other content posted here, and I’ll still be readily available on Discord as has always been the case. On that note, everyone should look forward to a nice meaty devblog focused on the new Thanksgiving Content and the new character for that event to drop on Thursday, June 28th!

That wraps up this week. Dev Builds are going to start hitting the scene soon, so until next time, thanks for all of your feedback and support!

One Comment on “Dev Blog #127 – Less is More

  1. “I have no intentions of making model selections a thing in the game”

    I greetly approve to that…

    But 🙂

    With serum actually modifying some morphology, we could imagine a way to tranform some character according to what serum we use (bigger boods, lips whatever) there are plenty performers in the industry that look so much alike with just few years…

    Just saying, keep up the good work 😉

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