Dev Blog #129 – Cold Cereal and Maybe Toast

Greetings everyone!

Update 4.0.3 is nearly upon us, and with it the end of the 4.0 development cycle!

To Good Friends… and Family

Update 4.0.3 will be adding in the long awaited Thanksgiving Day event, bringing a temporary* new character to the game to spend some time with. Elsa will arrive to visit for the holiday from November 20th to November 26th, at which point she will be returning home. During her visit she’ll be looking to make the most of her time with you, Ava, and Dakota, and of course that means lots of naughty exploits! While you won’t be able to dose Elsa during her stay, you’ll find that she’s already more than a little adventurous, taking full advantage of whatever situations are presented to her!

So how will the event work? Well there’s a few moving parts:

First, a new system has been put into place to allow for extended time off of work. For as long as the No Work flag is enabled, players will be unable to go to work, and Ava and Dakota will be at home all day as well. This is a pretty simple addition, but one that will be useful moving forward for various holiday events.

Second, as mentioned, Elsa will be arriving on Monday, November 20th to spend Thanksgiving week with you. Over the course of the week you’ll have various opportunities to interact with Elsa through scripted events, with Thanksgiving Day acting as a full-day scripted event! The week will play out differently depending on how you’ve decided to interact with Elsa during these events, and your choices could even go so far as changing how the entire event ends, and in turn, your future relationship with Elsa. Now, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, so I’ll be clear in saying that there’s no planned way for Elsa to move in with you. That said, there are “other” ways to maintain regular contact with her…

After November 26th your schedule will return to normal and the main story will proceed just a little ways which brings us to…

Transitioning to Update 4.1

As stated previously, Chapter 4 is set to release in three major parts. Update 4.0 laid the ground work for impending events, and Update 4.1 will be ramping things into gear. In addition to shining some light on a previously unidentified character (or two), players can expect to engage in a handful of character-centric side events as well as yet another major holiday – Christmas! Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas will make for a shorter event where you’ll be able to invite a friend (or lover) to spend the holiday with. You’ll also get the chance to spend some more quality time with Sophie, as well as a couple unexpected minor characters. Oh yeah, Chris gets to make an appearance, too!

If 4.0 is the “calm before the storm”, then 4.1 will bring the storm just up to your doorstep in anticipation for the veritable maelstrom that will be Update 4.2. As such, Update 4.1 will also be making backend preparations for the upcoming Free Play mode, allowing unlimited play length without mainline story events.

Lastly, concerning Update 4.0.3’s release date! While I’m actively aiming for a release next Thursday, I’m not quite ready to commit 100% to it. Worst case scenario we’re looking at August 5th, but either way it’s definitely right around the corner!

That’s it for now. I hope everyone’s as excited about meeting The Company’s newest character as I am introducing her! As always, thank you all for your feedback and support!

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  1. Hello, love the game, it’s very fun. One question though, do you plan on adding and kind of QoS, bnwo content? I really think it would fit, especially seeing as becoming a sissy is already an option.

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