The Company – Update 4.1 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.1

Update Summary
Update 4.1 introduces Free Play mode to the game, allowing players to take their time and explore the game characters and systems at their own pace without having to worry about story progression

Free Play Update

  • Added Free Play to The Company! The following updates apply only to Free Play Mode
    • Free Play is not available when selecting “I have never played The Company before”
  • All story events are disabled
  • All work days can be skipped
  • All work days can be spent at home
  • Ava and Dakota will maintain “weekend” schedules during the week should you decide to stay home
    • Day Trips can still only occur on weekends
  • You can now unlock specialty serums at the lab upgrade scene
    • This includes TFM-1, BMB-1, and CMD-1
    • Unlocking the three specialty serums is required to unlock MCS-X
  • Julia can now be dosed with BMB-1 as you would dose any other character
    • This cannot be reversed
  • New character!
    • Kagney is the front desk receptionist
    • Kagney has a small serum route and a handful of spicy interactions!
    • She’s definitely been there the entire time…
  • Kagney can swap out Diana and Lauren as your Records Clerk once per week
  • Kagney can schedule dinners with Sophie for when you leave the office once per week
  • The Pit’s training room will be unlocked from the get-go, however you will have to purchase your first slave for $35,000 before you can start using it

General Updates

  • Updated a number of old and low quality images
  • Updated Sophie’s feminization path events
    • Dialogue and flow is more sensible is Sophie is feminizing MC
    • If feminization path didn’t progress during HQ trip, it can now be progressed at Sophie’s Condo if the conditions are met
    • This also makes Sophie’s feminization route available in Free Play
  • Added new Futa Ava x Elsa scene variations to Thanksgiving event
    • New Breakfast event requires walking in on Ava and Elsa in Ava’s room to trigger
  • Added new Post-Thanksgiving scene with MC, Elsa, and Dakota in living room
  • Visiting Elsa in living room after Thanksgiving now passes time
  • A new shower-centric random event has been added for Dakota
  • You can now text Diana!
    • This option unlocks after she returns to the office in Chapter 4 in Story Mode
    • This option is unlocked by default in Free Play
  • STORY MODE ONLY: New event line involving Kagney!
    • On November 14th you’ll be alerted to an issue Kagney is having
    • If you can find a way to resolve it before Thanksgiving week, an additional possible ending will be added for Elsa!

System Updates

  • Prologue has been completely updated on the backend to fall inline with current formatting standards
  • Chapter Select has been reformatted on the backend and slightly rebalanced
  • Minor updates to night TF check


  • Fixed dialogue issues in The Pit
  • Fixed missing passages during Thanksgiving ISS
  • Fixed missing macros (not) added in Update 4.0.3
  • Fixed missing image calls
  • Fixed tracking when impregnated by Ava

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