The Company – Update 4.1.0 – Public Release

Update 4.1.0 has been officially released! Confused about the update number? Check out THIS post explaining the change!

Update 10/15: Build 4.010005
  • Fixed <NewDay> macro errors
  • Fixed isFemme function errors
  • Fixed undefined ‘noise’ error in The Pit
  • Fixed issues with Kagney’s Front Desk option cooldowns
  • Fixed issue with Kagney’s serum cooldown
  • Fixed issue allowing story events to trigger in Free Play, including Diana’s departure
  • Sophie’s feminization route should now work as intended
Release Notes

Click HERE for Update 4.1 release notes


Play Online (Alternative Host)

Download – The Company – Update 4.1 Complete – (Contains all game and image/data files)

For additional image pack downloads, as well as information regarding image pack support, see HERE.

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