The Company – Update 4.2 – Release Notes

The Company – Update 4.2

Update Summary
Update 4.2 progresses the main story through December while also adding a new conversation system, new story events, and addressing several bugs

General Updates

  • Loaded games will revert to November 28th if they were saved passed that date
  • Save files from versions of The Company older than Update 4.0 are no longer supported
  • New story events have been added starting November 30th and ending December 29th!
  • Kagney’s overworked event is now based on the new conversations system, detailed below
  • New multiple-path event involving your driver, Jag, added to the game and will utilize new conversation system
  • A new date with Sophie will allow you to continue to dose her further, so long as you’ve dosed her at every opportunity thus far
    • This will unlock new random events for her Sub and Dom path
    • This will unlock the ability to text Sophie
    • New images have been added for Sophie
  • New Christmas event!
    • Ava will be hosting a Christmas Eve dinner and you can invite one person to join you
    • Depending on how you’ve been playing, choices can include Penny, Tasha, Sophie, John, and Chris
  • MCSX unlock date is now December 31st

System Updates

  • Conversation system has been completely overhauled
    • Random conversations no longer occur, instead all conversations must be initiated manually
    • Players can now choose what conversation they want to have with a character, and new conversations will be flagged as such
    • Some schedules and events have been slightly rearranged to accommodate this, one example being that players can now join Sophie for a lunch conversation regardless of how they’re dosing her
  • New wardrobe slot has been added for face/head accessories
    • Update includes one hat!
  • Debug menu has been updated to reflect the new conversation system
  • The Chastity Cage is no longer classified as a “girly” item
    • This will rebalance some transformations for the better
  • Flag functions have finally been unified throughout the game


  • Fixed issue with Affection and Corruption not increasing properly
  • Fixed bug allowing for infinite player escorting from home
  • Fixed issue with Cat Collar not deducting correct amount of money on purchase
  • Fixed a number of character location bugs
  • Fixed some of Tasha’s dialogue while on John’s Dom route
  • Fixed issues with various random events
  • Fixed issue with Penny’s dating route not progressing properly
  • Fixed major issue preventing Dakota webcam events from working
  • Fixed issue preventing Dakota’s MCSX events from working
  • Fixed several coding issues related to PitSlaves
  • Fixed Lisa’s random events not triggering properly
  • Fixed issue unintentionally hiding certain lab options depending on how Penny is dosed
  • Fixed issue preventing certain events from triggering correctly with Tasha
  • Fixed issue preventing Ava’s “Destroy Clothing” event from triggering correctly while in chastity
  • Finishing escorting for a night will now send the player to bed rather than back home
  • You can no longer go to the mall on event days
  • Reduced the amount of Affection required to flag certain characters as being in a relationship with. This is a band-aid fix for something better moving forward

8 Comments on “The Company – Update 4.2 – Release Notes

    • Usually about 2 weeks…So I will said, around the first half of january…

      On other matter, will it be, at some point, any indication of the route we initiate with serum ? I remember earlier version were more “clear” on this point…

        • Heya! The wiki is actually managed by the community, I have no hand in it, so if you’re looking for an update there I’d recommend the discord 🙂

    • Uh, as long as I have been playing Ava and Dakota have always been stepmother and stepsister respectively, with an option to make them your real mother and sister. And as far as I can see, that option remains since I have played 4.2 and the drop-down box for stepmother/mother and stepsister/sister is still there and I have played a number of times, with several variations of relationship.

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