Community Event – Random Event Submission

Greetings everyone!

We’re kicking off 2022 with a fun community event set to give everyone a chance at getting a new random event of their own design added to The Company!

Event Rules

You’ll be submitting your idea for a Random Event that will occur, randomly, in the game either while at work or at home. These events are typically recurring, usually offer a way “out” of them, have some kind of minor reward or impact if interacted with, and have no major gameplay ramifications. Examples include walking in on Penny mixing components in the lab, getting asked out to lunch by Diana, or impromptu study sessions with Dakota. The rules for submissions are as follows:

  1. Event will be a randomly occurring event, and cannot make any permanent changes to any characters or locations
  2. Event cannot add any new mechanics or usable items to the game
  3. Events that fit within the established lore and context of the game will have a much higher chance of being considered
  4. Events can have conditional parameters, for example, an event that only triggers if you’re on John’s Dom route, or only if the MC is a Bimbo
  5. Any custom/generic characters (A coworker of Ava’s, a random off the street, etc.) will be given generic portraits and relegated to one-off characters for the event
  6. Sex scenes are allowed and the winner(s) will be worked with directly to smooth over any potential rough edges
  7. You MAY submit multiple entries

Submissions will be open from now until next Tuesday, January 18th, at which case the best ones will be selected and put up for the community to vote on! Depending on the number of entries, we’ll be taking the top 1-2 voted options and turning them into in-game events, with the author being credited whenever the event occurs.

You submit your entry HERE!

I hope to see lots of participation! Have fun everyone!

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