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Greetings everyone!

There’s not a whole lot of news to share this week, but I did want to touch on a couple of quick things. That said, let’s just right into it!

The Random Event… Event

As of right this second, there are 50 submissions for the Random Event event announced on Tuesday! There’s going to be a lot to dig through next week, but I’m expecting the voting rounds to be a lot of fun, and given the number of entries, we’re most likely looking at more than one winner!

I do want to remind everyone that what we’re looking for in this event are pitches for short, repeatable events that would feel natural occurring around the house or office. We’re seeing a lot of very involved, specific, one-off scenes getting submitted, and while most of these ideas are great, they’re not quite what we’re looking to accomplish with this particular event. Keeping that in mind, best of luck to everyone submitting!

Update 4.3

While the aforementioned event is running, I’m working on the next release behind the scenes! There have been a lot of issues reported from Update 4.2, and I’ll be making sure to address all of them going into the next update. Update 4.3 will be concluding Chapter 4, while also adding in a prototype for the future New Game+ system that will be used after completing the game once Chapter 5 is added. Expect something functional here, if not a little janky…

The content for this update will be on the light side, no big holiday events or anything, so I’m “hoping” that we’ll be able to wrap this one up in a timely fashion while also addressing a bunch of bugs and getting the winning events into the game before Update 4.3 finally drops towards the end of February. After that, well, things are going to get interesting with the Update 5 development cycle. Expect a lot of news, as well as community interaction around that time.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Selected entries for the event submission event will be posted next Thursday to be voted on by the community. As always, thank you all for your continued feedback and support!

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