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Greetings everyone!

Time to settle in for a doozy of a post, as Haseo and I spent a good part of our day yesterday narrowing down the 141 submissions to the 20 best! Below, you’ll find the selected pitches along with developer notes regarding potential modifications and considerations for each event, if applicable. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Kitty Ava Washing

As an alternative to the Ava in the shower, she could be caught cleaning herself like a cat, licking and rubbing herself. Unlike the shower scene which has to be in the bathroom, this could occur in any room in the house.

2. John’s Bathroom Train

John calls you into the bathroom for what you assume is routine “fun.” Once you’ve entered the bathroom, however, he reveals his actual plan. Tasha is there, along with several male employees. You are stripped down and forced on all fours. Each one takes turns having their way with MC, ending with them being double teamed by John and Tasha. Your dominance significantly drops, and it is possible to be impregnated by John, if you are female.

3. Fun With Reformed John

(Since Friend John route removes the option to suck his dick in the bathroom, and Sub John route involves mandatory anal play, this idea is meant to appeal more to a straight female MC with dom tendencies but could be used for male as well. This event would add an opportunity to engage with John without waiting for a weekend date.)
You run into John in the hallway, and he offers you a kind greeting. Pleased by how far he’s come, you can decide to pull him into a nearby bathroom/empty office for a little fun. You can suck him off and then either let him fuck your pussy or ride him, with anal as an option as well, with male chars either gi[v]ing or taking. Finish it off with a creampie, facial, or throatpie!

4. Settle a Bet

Diana asks you to come to her office. You’re surprised to find Penny there. Diana explains they’ve made a bet. Penny claims she can make you cum from anal stimulation alone. Diana isn’t sure. So they made a bet. Penny wins if you cum from being assfucked. Diana wins if you don’t. The winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass. Will you help settle the bet? If you run, you lose Penny affection. If you stay, they ask you to choose who will fuck you. Whoever you choose gains corruption. The chosen one fucks. You can choose to resist or give in. If you give in, Penny wins. Gain Penny affection. If you resist, Diana wins. Gain Diana affection. Afterwards, you get to watch the winner fuck the loser.

5. Fragments of John

MC and Sophie talk about MCs promising lab results, mainly Sophie leading the conversation. Chanel walks up to them and starts aggressively groping MC behind their back without Sophie noticing. Sophie is the boss and the conversation is important, so MC has to either stay and try to pretend like nothing, or make an excuse and run off without hearing her out, likely insulting Sophie, but [successfully] escaping Chanel.

  • The pitch was parsed slightly, removing a bit about this being an event that invoked Chanel’s “John” personality. The thing is, this is EXACTLY the sort of thing Chanel would do simply by virtue of being Chanel
6. His Best Woman

The MC whilst going through the living room can either go in or not bother (Yes and no option). If going in, Ava calls you over and asks for a kiss in which she kisses you passionately. Dakota witnesses this, grows jealous, and then demands her own kiss. Both women then take turns kissing before getting mad at each other over being jealous. The MC leaves as both women argue on who is the ideal woman for you.

  • Despite the title, this scene would also apply to female MC’s
7. Midnight Treat

Ava sits in bed feeling restless before getting out of bed wanting a quick fuck. Upon leaving the room, she spots Dakota giggling while leaving the MC’s room. Ava crosses her arms and demands to know why Dakota was in the MC’s room. She mutters out nonsense (Has a full mouth) before getting annoyed and kissing Ava. Ava soon tastes cum while she kisses Dakota and realizes she beat her to the punch. Dakota says something akin to “Enjoy the snack, I’m pretty full all over” before noticing cum leaking down her leg.

Ava looks at the MC’s room and then Dakota’s before heading into Dakota’s room whilst moans echo out moments later.

8. Tapped Out

Sex-crazed, Ava comes to you and asks if you would be down for a quickie. However, due to your recent escapades at home and at work you’re physically drained. You tell her how exhausted you are and Ava’s motherly nature kicks in and embraces you, rubbing and consoling you before whispering into your ear. “Would a blowjob help?” You’re not given a chance to respond before Ava’s dropped to her knees and undoing your pants. You manage to achieve an erection and soon cum into her mouth. Standing up, she wipes the corner of her mouth with a smile.

9. Kagney’s Bust

The MC is passing by Kagney’s desk and she flags him down. She fidgets with her blouse saying she needs the MC to watch the desk while she adjusts something. You can say Yes/No. Yes; Has Kagney stepping away and coming back as a button pops off her blouse, hitting the MC. She complains having large breasts is awful whilst the MC says her breasts are beyond perfect. Kagney protests as the Hero shows her how happy he is with her breasts by pulling her into the closet and tittyfucking her. After cumming, both leave and Kagney is a little bit happier but after saying goodbye to the MC another button flies off as she yells “Fuck these boobs!” then “Don’t you dare” towards the MC.

10. Sophie Elevator Tour

While performing oral on the MC, Sophie accidentally hits the Lobby button while bracing against the elevator walls. As the doors open, she prevents the MC from hiding and becomes even more aroused, hitting ALL the elevator buttons. Cue various public sex scenes as the elevator makes its way back to Sophie’s floor. The player wonders if the whole scene was accidental or intentional.

11. Movie Night With Dakota

Dom Dakota insisting that while watching the movie the MC instead massages & worships her feet meaning Dakota watches the movie, the MC misses the movie somewhat to focus on her feet (or another body part of it’s more in tune to what you want)

12. Wet Dream / Horny Nightmare

A dream-type sequence that occurs when the MC is in a submission state, similar to normal wet dreams but longer. In the context of the scene, the MC dreams of their respective dominant characters (be it John, Sophie, or even Penny) coming to rape them in the middle of the night. The scene is incredibly humiliating for the MC but they end up enjoying it, after the end of the scene the MC wakes up the next morning and realizes that although it was a dream they managed to cum in the night (it is possible to find some clue implying that the dream sequence may not be as fictional as the MC thought, but that’s optional) it’s possible if the MC is in a more dominant state to wake up from the original dream, after that the MC finds that the dream left them unbelievably horny, then the MC is given the choice to either try to fall asleep again or sell their pride and masturbate to the rape fantasy.

  • This event may need some balancing in order to keep it within scope, and would take up the “Nighttime” event slot when you try to go to bed
13. Taking the Cat for a Walk

This scene occurs after the MC has given in to John, it is preferable that the MC wears the cat collar, but if that is not the case, John can bring his own for the scene to progress. The sequence begins with John walking into the MC’s office wearing a leash and a sexy new idea. He makes the MC undress and puts the leash on the cat’s collar, then makes the MC crawl like a dog/cat to assert his superiority, he then takes the MC for a ride past the office at the cubicle farm. The MC is incredibly horny and cums a lot even without being touched, it’s possible that some workers will find out and try to have their way with the MC, but John will limit the interaction to touching only, the MC cums a lot, and if John is already in control of the company, the MC ends up in the commons being fucked in front of the other characters. The rest of John’s slaves get turned on by this and discreetly masturbate, eventually John returns you to your office and the day goes on.

  • This scene would need to be reigned in a little bit to stay within scope. There are elements that wouldn’t work with the current state of the game, however the spirit of the event could be maintained
14. John’s Punishment

The scene begins after you enter the Commons, there you find John and the rest of his slaves. He says that your work has been disappointing and you deserve punishment. The others strip you naked and force you to present your butt to John, who begins spanking you. The others get turned on by this and can have a threesome (optional) regardless, the main event being John spanking you. You are made to beg and apologize, and depending on your level of submission, different results can occur. If its low John eventually gets bored and leave off, to let you pick up your stuff, if its medium you start to get wet but the result is the same as before, if its high people are attracted to the sound and after seeing them, you cum hard from the spanking. If you’re a Bimbo, you cum with the first spank and each one makes you cum more and harder. at the end, John says something that makes you and the others cum harder.You beg John to fuck you hard, but he just laughs and leaves you to masturbate.

  • Since there’s only a short window between Diana starting to train you and you becoming a permanent bimbo during the Dom John route, this scene would be retooled to only apply to permanent bimbos along that route. The scene would also need to be written somewhat linearly as well
15. Ava’s Shower Surprise

The MC decides to take a shower while they are taking a shower they notice the door opening but think nothing about it. They continue the shower and don’t notice Ava getting into the shower with them by the time the MC notices Ava it’s too late. Ava fucks the MC roughly and pinning the MC to the Shower wall. If the MC is Trans Ava Will fuck them in the ass and If the MC is Female Ava will fuck them in the pussy. After Ava cums, Ava will spin the MC around and Lift the MC up by the Legs and fuck the MC to the Wall. After Ava is done. She will thank the MC for a good time and leave. The MC Leaves the bathroom sore in the ass or pussy.

  • This scene would also be expanded to include male MC’s as well
16. Unexpected Car Pool

When leaving for work early, Mick and Jag inform MC they’ve been asked if they can pickup one other co-worker because their driver is out sick. If MC agrees, the co-worker is picked up and the scene uses up the Morning time block. The resulting scene may depend upon the relationship the co-worker has with MC but should see at least a gain of 1 affection. (Sufficient affection and corruption could mean a sex scene.) If MC declines, they still get to do what they would normally do at work in the Morning, but will not be able to interact with that co-worker until Noon, and they lose 1 affection. Sophie not included as a possibility because she certainly will be able to get to office on time. If Dom John has been activated, MC might not be able to refuse helping John and those under his influence. Due to complexity, might want to limit this scene to one co-worker rather than doing an alternative scene for each co-worker, but I have no preference which co-worker.

  • This scene would need to be reworked mechanically. It wouldn’t be optional, and you would occasionally just end up sharing a ride to work without being told beforehand. This is because making a character “unavailable” for blocks of time would be problematic, however the spirit of the event would still be intact
17. An Awkward Meeting

On a day where the MC does some “side work” in prostitution, they find out the client has hired two prostitutes–and that Dakota is the other one.

Depending on Dakota’s dosage level she might be repulsed by this and walk out, or keen to proceed.

18. Mandatory Physical Exam

If you visit Julia in Medical, there is a chance that she will decide to conduct a physical examination on you a la Lauren. And you can have options like, she decides to see the biggest dildo you can take, or how deep you can deepthroat, or how well you can pound her. Or she can just tie you down and do whatever she wants with you. She can call each of these like checking the health of your throat, or checking your flexibility, or genital health.

  • This event would be streamlined such that you would either receive a full examination or not. The nature of the examination would would more or less include everything above
19. Jump in With Julia

MC has a headache and visits Julia, she insists that she checks the MC’s vitals while still getting pounded. She posits that the MC needs release to relieve tension. Options include oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Might be sloppy.

  • Scene would be streamlined to only offering oral, since her other end is currently occupied
20. Lauren Office BJ

Lauren corners the MC in the copy room. Gives him a BJ. Penny walks in and reacts as Lauren is finishing him off. Lauren leaves. Penny makes a comment depending on her path. Scene ends.

  • This scene could also have a Diana variant as well

And that’s all!

The link to the public voting form will be posted below, and all patrons will have access to their own voting forms to account for backer level voting weight. You’ll have until next Tuesday, January 25th, to cast your votes, with the two highest scoring pitches being made into events for the game!

Vote for your favorites HERE!

Good luck everyone!

7 Comments on “Community Event – Random Event Voting

  1. Author of “Fragments of John” here. I have a tiny complaint about my scene pitch being cut because if was “EXACTLY the sort of thing Chanel would do simply by virtue of being Chanel”. In my humble opinion, that’s not how the game has portrayed Chanel so far at all. Please allow me to explain my reasoning how describe I see Chanel:

    After having been transformed into a woman, Chanel is constantly seeking gratification. The only thing she seemingly cares about is having fun by sucking and fucking her way through work hours. She’s clearly not a bimbo, seeing how she exceeds her job expectations (so much that even Tasha comments on it), but she is kinda broken. She never make or seek out trouble, but when it finds her she willingly submits. She’s neither good nor bad, just a “willing and lusting victim”.

    My scene pitch portrays Chanel actively seeking out and secretly forcing herself upon MC while he/she is conversing with the boss, for no particular reason other than being mischievous and challenging the MC. It’s like she’s saying “what you gonna do about it”. It’s not a flirty or inviting gesture, but an act of perverted aggression and, in Chanel’s own personal way, an assertion of dominance.

    I would argue that my pitch isn’t “EXACTLY the sort of thing Chanel would do simply by virtue of being Chanel”. “Everyday, ordinary Chanel” would never initiate such an action. My opinion is that she’d rather be the one being groped, and react quite positively about it to boot, as an invitation to sex. That’s why I pitched the scene as Fragments of John “leaking through” now and then, making Chanel temporarily more aggressive and assertive, seeking to make trouble for MC and others at the Company.

    That’s all I wanted to say. Obviously it’s not such a big deal. I just felt that my pitch was misunderstood, and so I wanted to explain “where I wanted to go” with it. If I have misunderstood Chanel’s personality, or if there are sides to Chanel that are still to be revealed, then that’s fine. I’m quite happy that my event submission made it this far.

    • All good points. If you submission does win then I think we can work together to find a way to better emphasize what you’re going for here. The noted conclusion was reached by both Haseo and myself, and I would still argue that the scene, as pitched, falls well within Chanel’s nature, but I think we’ll be able to reach a happy medium here 🙂

      • While I like the idea of having a chance of John’s original personality returning on either a temporary or a permanent basis, I don’t think this is a scene for that.

        Personally, I don’t see the action in this scene as consistent with John’s personality. Yes, John would want to mess with MC, but unless he’s taken the Dom John route, which he hasn’t taken if he is Chanel, John wouldn’t risk getting himself in trouble with the boss.

        I might be mistaken, but I see John’s original personality as a switch personality that prefers being dominant but can accept being subordinate when it benefits him. It probably is what makes him (and Chanel) so good at sales. His dominant tendencies help him to convince customers that what The Company can provide is exactly what they want. His ability to curb his dominant side keeps said clients, who have dominant personalities, feeling happy and in charge. Chanel’s sales numbers probably improve in part because she is more able to keep her dominant tendencies hidden from clients than John was.

        Chanel also wouldn’t risk such trouble, but if the relationship between MC and Sophie is such that they might have public sex at work, Chanel wouldn’t think she was risking trouble, just inviting herself to their party. Based on what we’ve seen of Chanel so far, whether she’d think she was taking a risk if MC has a strictly professional relationship with Ms. Dee is debatable, but Westane’s opinion settles that debate.

  2. Since making the co-worker unavailable was deemed not mechanically feasible, simply deleting that part of the pitch and having the co-worker get to work some other way if the co-worker doesn’t carpool with MC would be fine with me. Many workplace random events already offer a choice between a bit of unplanned fun and getting something done at work, and I’d like to keep that as part of this event.

  3. Just an extension, expansion, or explanation (or push for votes LoL) of Kitty Ava washing.
    Depending on how you wish to consider this post.
    If you have ever owned a cat, or been around cats for any real length of time, you know that they, like most animals, lack what we call human sensibilities.
    This means that they can start licking themselves clean anywhere, any-when.
    Licking their front paws to rub their faces, and contorting to lick pretty much anywhere else. And they will do so in the garden, on the street, in the living room, kitchen or where-ever they happen to be when the ‘need’ takes them.
    And since the cat collar not only makes the wearer more submissive and hornier, but also installs feline characteristics then this should include behaviour similar to cats washing themselves.

    While there is the scene where the MC can knock or walk in on Ava in the shower, that is a purely human thing (within the game).

    As a cat-person wouldn’t she tend to act as I have suggested.
    And the options would, or could, be Watch or Walk a way.
    With similar effects as the Sneak in or Knock with the shower scene.

  4. This game went from great, to gay shit in the space of a year.

    And you can REALLY tell that Westane still hasn’t clued in on the problem with his Patron base dropping so much

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